Hebei Metal Mesh Introduces Stainless Steel Cable Mesh for Animal Zoo & Bird Aviary Applications

The hand-woven stainless steel cable mesh has been designed to provide a safe habitat to a number of animals and birds in zoos, bird sanctuaries, zoological parks and other places.

Hebei Metal Mesh specializes in steel cable netting products that are perfect for zoo and aviary projects. Besides having a great application of providing a safe enclosure for animals and birds, these cable structures can also be used for sports fencing. They have own factory to produce cable mesh and supply it at a factory price.

According to the company spokesperson, they can customize the zoo animal enclosure mesh as per the project requirement. Based on the requirement of keeping animals in a zoo, they can customize the dimension of the mesh. Customers can use the cable mesh for creating a safe enclosure for a single animal or multiple animals. They have high strength and durable cable mesh that can be used for keeping fierce animals, like lions, tigers etc in a safe enclosure and at a safe distance from the visitors coming to the zoo.

zoo animal enclosure mesh

The company supplies bird aviary netting that can be used for keeping a variety of birds. These are available in large mesh panels and the dimension can be customized as per the number of birds that need to be kept inside the netting. The spokesperson reveals that they follow an improved production process that helps them deliver customizable and durable netting products. These stainless steel netting products show an excellent resistance against corrosion and other environmental elements to last longer in the outside.

They use high quality stainless steel in producing stainless steel cable mesh that can be used for various netting applications. Made of steel wire rope, the mesh is flexible enough to create an enclosure according to the available space. The stainless steel cable has a solid structure and is hand-woven to provide a stable and durable netting facility. The cable mesh has a very high breaking resistance and can withstand an impact of an enormous magnitude. The steel rope structure is virtually indestructible to help build a safe haven for all types of animals and birds.

To know more about these zoo application and bird netting products, one can visit the website http://www.hebmetalmesh.com.

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Hebei Metal Mesh supplies various specification flexible stainless steel rope mesh for applications in many fields, such as zoo animal cages, zoo animal enclosure, zoo bird netting, zoo aviary mesh for tigers, for leopards, for lions, for monkeys, for deer, for various kinds of birds, parrots, eagles and so on.

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