Roc Vape Limited Launched New E-cigarettes Right Before TPD Implementation


Friday, November 25th, 2016 – As the transition period of TPD is ending, Roc Vape released its latest products, right before the deadline, and got ready for the new battle after TPD.

3 day before the new TPD regulation come into effect on 22 November 2016, Roc Vape Limited (The “Company”), a global manufacturer and distributor of electronic cigarettes & vaping products, announced its new products’ launch.

Instead of gradually releasing product models, this time, the company presented an array of products, including the Origo CVT Pro, Origo CVB Pro and the Origo tank, which is a fabulous product lineup, which includes a starter kit to an advanced MOD and tank.

“The new Origo series comes with all the must-have features requested by TPD, such as child-resistance opening system, leak-proof refill mechanism, tamper- and breakage-proofing, etc,” said Bonnie Swift, the CTO of Roc Vape. “As these products have been thoroughly tested in an independent laboratory in the UK, and the data have been forwarded to TPD, we are expecting these items to be the first TPD compliant products in the industry.”

The new TPD (Tobacco Products Directive 2014/40/EU) was laid down in the purpose of regulating the manufacturing, presentation, and sale of tobacco and tobacco-related products across the European Economy Area. In this directive, electronic cigarettes have been classified as tobacco products, and specific requirements for e-cigarettes have been settled in Article 20.

This regulation will radically change the whole e-cigarette market. Statistics from ECITA – an electronic cigarette associate in the UK – show that over 90% e-cigarettes will no longer be able to be imported after November 20th, 2016, leading to over 80% e-cigarette companies to be shut down eventually. And from May 20th, 2016 onwards, new e-cigarette and refill containers will need to be notified to TPD at least 6 months before they are intended to be released the market.

“It’s really challenging, while new opportunities will emerge I believe,” said Charles Tang, the CEO of Roc Vape. “We are ready for the new regulation with innovative technologies and products, as we have been studying it for a year now, exploring products to match up the TPD’s criteria.”

“We are looking forward to a sharp increase in business soon after the TPD comes into force. The over-crowed and disordered electronic cigarette market will be regulated and led to a correct path as well”, Charles added.

Roc Vape keeps a positive attitude towards the TPD and is delighted with its market share growth in the European market.

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