APAC Holds High Potential for Cooled Infrared Imaging Market for Defense Applications of Thermal Vision Camera

Financially stable North America continues to lead the market; Strong applications of APAC (mainly India, China) growing at fastest CAGR and Europe remain a healthy geography for revenue generation.

According to the latest report “Cooled Infrared Imaging Market Analysis: By Spectrum Ranges (Short, Mid, Long, Far Wave IR) By Focal Plane Arrays (Indium Antimonide (InSb) FPAs, Others) By Industry Verticals (Industrial, Medical, Commercial, Others)-Forecast(2014-2019)”, published by IndustryARC, global cooled infrared imaging market is growing at at a high CAGR till 2019.

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Despite the high costs and huge sizes of cooled infrared detectors as compared to conventional IR devices, the demand for these products is high and is yet growing with rising demand and growing applications on a global scope. An Infrared imager is nothing but a device which captures images using infrared light rather than visible light. Cooled IR Imaging devices use a vacuum sealed case to ensure proper operation of the semiconductor materials used in the product.

Good thing is that the manufacturers are aiming at decreasing the bulkiness and cost as well with support of increased funding and research. Manufacturing integration and booming technology together will drive the market sales on a whole.

Cooled IR systems are quite more effective both in functionality and cost for long distance detection and tracking, thus long and far wave IR has larger market as compared to the other segments in this market. IR Cameras have emerged as a new mainstream device for many applications like firefighting, security, industrial imaging and surveillance- one of the fastest growing technologies of 21st century.

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Primary Propellants of Cooled Infrared Imaging Market:

Among all the factors helping increase the revenue generation of Cooled Infrared Imaging Market, IndustryARC notes down these as the top ones: strong and fast growing prominence of video surveillance with the help of IR imaging; which include applications of video analytics, increase in demand for advanced high-power processor for real-time monitoring, increasing importance of physical security and globally skyrocketing usage of high definition cameras.

Increasing use of cameras based on this wavelength, in military, homeland security, aerospace & defense, industrial and automotive applications, is driving the growth of IR imaging market to a considerate extent.

Future Potential of Cooled Infrared Imaging Market: Brief Understanding:

New improved Focal Plane Arrays (FPAs) have improved the target detection by providing better thermal discrimination and are the primary reason for the growth of IR Imagers. Besides, suitability to operate at longer wavelengths has enabled IR cameras in detection of cold targets at long distance.

The advent and continuing penetration of newer technologies like MEMS-based uncooled detector, wafer-scale manufacturing, etc. is however expected to reduce attraction towards cooling requirements or need for temperature stabilization thus act as a constraint for the cooled IR imaging devices.

Regional Forecast of the Cooled Infrared Imaging Market:

  1. North America: IndustryARC suggests that geographically, North America is the global market leader owing to the high investments the region leads for technological developments and further applications. The usage of thermographic imaging for various purposes like military, defense, industrial processes, medicine and more is used by the US on large scale thus giving it leverage as a leading region.
  2. Europe: Research suggests that Europe is the next revenue contributing region and has high future scope and potential; as suggest by IndustryARC on study.
  3. Asia-Pacific: Cooled Infrared Imaging Market holds itself third most prominent in the APAC region with China and India as the most prominent countries owing to huge population and numerous applications in various industry verticals.

Axis communications, FLIR systems, Fluke corp., Bosch security, Bullard and some more are noted to be the top players of cooled infrared imaging market.

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