More Bass Goes Head to Head with iHeartRadio, TuneIn and Tidal with The First True Social Music Solution

PHOENIX, AZ – 28 Nov, 2016 – More Bass announced the launch of their social music and event platform to help artists and fans listen, interact and promote in one place.

The mission of More Bass is to solve Music Industry fragmentation by providing the social features of Facebook, streaming abilities of Pandora, and discovery capabilities of Google, to create the first true social music solution.

Scott Weber More Bass founder commented, “When I started More Bass, I designed it to be a place where fans and artists could truly come together and share their music the way I thought everyone would want to.  What we are really mean with the tagline ‘Connect Through Music’ is that we strive to provide a platform where people can experience the same feelings they get when they go to a club or a festival, online.  Music is as much about connecting with each other as it is about connecting with the music itself.  We realized in developing More Bass that this concept has yet to be nailed down on other online music platforms.  Artists and fans just want to listen to music, interact with each other and promote, and there has yet to be a streaming platform to do these three things and do them well, until now, until More Bass.”

More Bass will initially focus its growth on the fast going EDM genre. EDM just crossed $7B in revenue in 2016. EDM is ranked #2 Worldwide for streaming listeners compared to all other genres. EDM is the only genre to show a significant upward trend in the last 5 years per Google Trends. New high growth markets are emerging around EDM including China and South America. Other genres are expected in be launched in 2017 along with the launch of their mobile application.

“The streaming industry increased by 57.4% in first half 2016 compared with 2015, making it a $3.2B Industry. TuneIn has focused on shoutcast and icecast stations and serves as the best aggregator of live streaming radio worldwide.  They boosted $57M in revenue in 2015, and reached 60M users.  This was a banner year for them, showing a significant upward trend. Average time spent listening per user: 2.3 hours.  73% use the mobile app. Average household income per listener: $73,000. 68% listen to music iHeartRadio, backed by Clear Channel, is the most identifiable radio platform with 85 million registered users and 245M monthly active listeners. We plan on capitalizing on this industry growth with a better experience for the artist and the music fan,” added Weber.

The company also announced that Scott Kelly of Black Dog Venture Partners has become an advisor to the company and will assume the role of Chief Revenue Officer (CRO).

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