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Katz Rodriguez Introduction to Advanced Candle Magick and Witchy Spirituality.

Katz Rodriguez – A seasoned witch and a well known and respected leader in the online Pagan community and in Las Vegas.

Katz Rodriguez has over 25 years of experience spell casting and practicing. She has apprentice globally.

November 28, 2016 – Katz Rodriguez is an ordained high priestess and a seasoned witchcraft practitioner.

She has now completed over 25 years of experience as a practicing witch. She is a prominent leader in the pagan community.

Katz loves helping people through her practices such as her handy spells and recipes.

Katz is often found helping her clients locally and globally. She apprentices and offers spiritual consultations to help people get to the root of their problems no matter what their nature and extent is. Katz practice is deeply rooted in her diverse religious background and her concrete belief in communicating with the ancestors.

She is also a 4th generation Bruja (Witch) which indicates the inheritance of her divine abilities.

She has devoted herself deeply to all things spiritual and divine with a doctorate in Divine and Religious Studies.

“I am proud to be a Bruja/Witch. I wouldn’t have it any other way. We are all children of a God and Goddess and it’s time for us all to shine!” – Katz Rodriguez

Katz’s practice is centered on her strong channel of communication with the spirits. She uses the knowledge from other people’s spirits and determines a client’s real problem and guides them spiritually.

She helps people get rid of problems such as a rocky love life, financial problems and a variety of conventional and sometimes unconventional issues.

Katz’s practice has expanded globally over time, she has developed strong connections with people from different religions and geographical areas and is an eclectic guide for people that need a reference.

“There is a reason for everything. It’s Magick. What is Magick?
Magick is manipulating energy. Pure Raw Energy!” – Katz Rodriguez

She also operated a YouTube channel where she actively interacts with her audience and shares her life experiences and knowledge of spirituality.

Katz’s 25 years of experience helps her see beyond the books and she has taken her practice beyond paper into the real world.

Her website has a plethora of testimonials from her clients which are a mark of her credibility and transparency.

She does not judge or divulge any information that the client may share with her.

Her love affair with life and her craft make her an excellent source of knowledge and a great spiritual guide. She is always ready to help a client overcome life’s difficulties.

Her clients are requested to text her first in case they need a consultation.

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