LED Light Manufacturer Ray Lighting Launched Cutting Edge LED Flood Lights for Outdoor Lighting

Ray Lighting, a leading LED light manufacturer from China, recently launched high-end LED flood lights.

Ray Lighting, a leading LED light manufacturer and exporter nestled in China, recently launched its latest selection of LED flood lights for all sorts of outdoor and indoor lighting needs. The LED flood light manufacturer and supplier now manufacture and export unidirectional lighting products that are designed to deliver adjustable lighting performance in both outdoor and indoor settings. The standard LED lights manufactured by the company can deliver a lot of benefits to the end users in terms of energy efficiency, lighting performance and illumination capabilities, the owners claimed.

The LED flood light manufacturer now manufactures aluminum-die LED flood lights that come with no-strobe LED driver. The U shaped bracket of the lights can be adjusted in accordance with the irradiation angle. The lights Ray Lighting has launched recently are all dustproof, rugged, energy-efficient and environment-friendly.

While conventional LED lights usually have 10W to 500W high power, these lights are usually suitable for indoor lighting and outdoor lighting. However, the Ray Lighting outdoor LED lights are specially designed for outdoor or landscape lighting. The lights are now being used in one or more bars, discos and other enclosed and open-air entertainment areas. The owners added that the lights are rechargeable and can be used for 2-8 hours at a stretch after each charge. In a bid to meet the varied needs of their buyers, the LED light manufacturer from China now offers both PIR LED outdoor lights and solar LED lights.

As a top led flood light manufacturer, the owners said that the products have great heat dissipation and sealing performance modeling. The lights can be started quickly and have great illumination efficiency, they claimed. The high-power LED lights that they recently launched at a trade fair in Shanghai can perform for 50,000 continuous hours, which is nearly unmatched in the LED lights manufacturing industry worldwide. Apart from LED outdoor lights, the company also offers now indoor lights for both residential and commercial usage. Some of their lights are also a natural choice for construction sites, one of the senior executives from the LED light manufacturer informed while talking to the press here in Shanghai.

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Ray Lighting is a top-flight LED light manufacturer and exporter from China.

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