Top US Table Tennis Player From China Making Her Fame in the U.S

NEW YORK – Jenny Wu, prominent table tennis athlete possess the skills that one needs to prepare anyone willing to make it to the top. NCTTA is pleased to announce that prominent table tennis athlete, from China who was the team leader for Mississippi College Championship team in 2008 and 2009. Jenny Wu is set to use her athletic skills to train players and teach the fundamentals that will advance them into leaders in this challenging sport, inside the United States.

After three years of coming close, Mississippi College’s Jenny Wu finally paddled her way to the peak of her table tennis game as the 2009 women’s singles champion. This notable athlete has taken her team to the NCTTA championship, placing 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place. Wu is ranked 47th of 100 women in the USATT rating. She is a prominent player with skills like no other. She has led her team to wins throughout the season and has contributed to their overall success.  

As a Chinese Native table tennis player, Wu has climbed to the height of her field of endeavor. Top athletic table tennis player Wu has defiantly made it to the top of her field; this is shown through her outstanding leadership, skills, accomplishments and reputation among other professionals in the table tennis sport. Not to forget she has ranked in the United States Association of Table Tennis ranking system as number 47 of the top 100 women table tennis players in the United States, she is a level two Chinese athlete, as well as a level 1 certified coach, qualifying her to coach Olympian table tennis players.  Ms. Wu has many accomplishments under her belt making her one of the greatest athlete in the sport of table tennis today.

Ms. Wu is now dedicating her time off of the table tennis court and behind the sidelines where she will coach and train other athletes to become as distinguished as she is today.  

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