Sonora Nutrition Launches New 80% HCA Garcinia Cambogia To Rave Reviews On Amazon

Sonora Nutrition has launched their latest Garcinia Cambogia weight loss product on Amazon and has received rave reviews from early adopters, with a five star rating from 32 purchasers.

Sonora Nutrition has released a new Garcinia Cambogia for weight loss supplement that offers an industry leading 80% HCA level, that competing manufacturers previously thought was not possible. This is due to their new proprietary process for extruding the goodness of Garcinia Cambogia, which has led to their product being swamped in five star reviews on Amazon days after its launch. 

The product features the highest potency available, with 80% of its distilled formula being HCA, the active ingredient that previously has only been able to be purified to 60%. This formulation has been lab tested and verified, and is more powerful than any competitor. 

Garcinia Cambogia has been found to increase metabolism, balance cholesterol levels, burn existing fat and prevent the absorption of new fat, making it ideal for those who want to lose weight or those looking to make lean muscle gains without putting on additional weight. 

The product is 100% pure, using vegetarian capsules with no fillers, binders or unnecessary ingredients, so users know that the huge 1400mg dosage is purely the active ingredient, which has been distilled by Sonora Nutrition to an industry leading potency.

The new product has been so well reviewed by early users that the company has now introduced an unbeatable 365 day money back satisfaction guarantee, so that users can rest assured they will see the results they want from using the product without any risk of a scam. 

A spokesperson for Sonora Nutrition explained, “We are thrilled that so many of early customers have been so happy with the product after such a short space of time. It goes to show that the additional 20% HCA we have managed to extrude from Garcinia Cambogia makes a profound effect, as users are noticing the difference after only a few days. Having a five star rating on Amazon means a lot to us, and to help preserve it and put new customer’s minds at ease, we have created a no fuss money back guarantee, so users know how confident we are they will get the results they want from our product.”

About Sonora Nutrition:

Sonora Nutrition creates unbeatable weight loss and health related products. Their latest release is an industry leading 80% HCA Garcinia Cambogia supplement available exclusively through the Amazon Marketplace, featuring the highest quantity of pills with the highest dosages of the most concentrated garcinia cambogia of any product on the market. For more information please visit:

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