Skates HQ Opens New Buyer-Seller Platform for Skate Sellers

Oakville, Ontario – For years, Skates HQ has provided users with reliable reviews on skates from all different kinds of manufacturers, helping them to make the most informed decision before purchasing the skates they have been looking for. Now, however, they are expanding their service to offer an ecommerce store, allowing users to buy and sell skates. In addition, this allows users to leave their own reviews, and provide shoppers with even more information to base their buying decision on.

People of all ages have been relying on Skates HQ to help them make an informed decision on their skates for years. Gone are the days that people have to spend hours in search of the right skating equipment they need, comparing multiple different websites to sort out fact from fiction when it comes to reviews. People leaving fake reviews all over the web for the sake of profits has made the consumer’s job exponentially more difficult. That is why Skates HQ began their journey to aid users in sorting through the junk to get right to the heart of the information they need. Now, this expansion of their services will make it even easier for users to get their hands on the perfect skates, when they can conduct their research and then even purchase their skates all on one convenient website. This new ecommerce platform will make it easy for users to both buy and sell skates, eliminating the need to purchase from other, more expensive sellers that they may not trust as much.

“I had read through countless websites researching the right pair of skates to buy,” said Jade Thompson. “Then I found Skates HQ and everything I needed was all in one place.”

Skates HQ’s website continues to help countless users by saving them both time and money on their skates purchase. Users continue to check their website as a way to get the best information possible and be informed. In addition, people can now sell their new and old skates from around the country to get a fair price for them. The fully functioning ecommerce platform and review function is expected to aid users in making the right decision quickly with minimal effort to get the best deals.

Skates HQ opens new superstore, Skate HQ’s new ecommerce platform. Check here for more info.

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