Feminine cleanser ‘JilGyungYi’ takes part in 2016 Saudi Health & Beauty Expo’

– HA U DONG CHUN, a new vein of gold for the cosmetics industry, targets the Saudi Arabian cosmetics market.
– ‘Saudi Health & Beauty Expo’ is expected to secure a foothold in advancing into the Middle East going beyond Saudi Arabia.

HA U DONG CHUN (CEO Choi Won Seog), a female cleanser specialist famous for Jil Gyung Yi, is expected to take part in Saudi Health & Beauty 2016 held in Jeddah in Saudi Arabia from November 27 to November 29. 

HA U DONG CHUN, a female cleanser specialist, said that it decided to participate in the exposition in an effort to advance into Saudi Arabia, a cosmetics powerhouse, on the strength of excellent technology highly recognized all over the world.

According to Euro Monitor, a market researcher, the Saudi Arabian cosmetics market is large enough to account for 41.6% of the entire cosmetics market in the Middle East, and it is rapidly growing to post 11.8% in annual growth rate from 2010 to 2014. In addition, it is expected to post 15% in annual growth rate from 2015 to 2020 emerging as a new vein of gold in the cosmetics industry.

Against this backdrop, HA U DONG CHUN plans to intensify efforts to make the most of the expo and target the Saudi Arabian cosmetics market on the back of interest in K-beauty that has been recently expanded.
As the Saudi Arabian cosmetics market grows, ‘Saudi Health & Beauty Expo’ is drawing increased attention from those engaged in the beauty industry in the world on the strength of participation of such global beauty and healthcare brands as L’Oreal, Wella, Maybelline, Bioderma and Curves.
Choi Won Seog, CEO of HA U DONG CHUN, said, “The expo is expected to provide a good opportunity to introduce Jil Gyung Yi not only to the domestic market in Saudi Arabia but also other markets in the Middle East. HA U DONG CHUN will emerge as a global pharmaceutical company by making ceaseless efforts to conduct diversified overseas promotional activities and R&D activities in the female health sector. 

In the meantime, HA U DONG CHUN has a patent for a composition for prevention and treatment of vaginitis in 10 countries including Korea and was highly recognized for advanced technology by registering pharmaceutical compositions for prevention and treatment of relaxed and dried vagina not only in Korea but also in China and Australia. On the strength of this high technology, the company recently made a success in exporting products to China for the first time, but it also started exploring overseas markets by establishing an MOU with ‘EKO-ZDRAV MARKET’, a Russian distributor, ‘CellubioKft’, a Hungarian distributor, and ‘Gledex LLC,’ a Ukrainian trader. 
Jil Gyung Yi manufactured by HA U DONG CHUN recently hired Han Chae Young, a Korean version of Barbie Doll and actress famous for a beautiful face and a graceful figure, in an effort to emerge as a Korea’s representative beauty care brand through diversified promotional activities.

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