PUREBUS the online bus ticket booking platform has celebrated their first Year completion of their business on their first annual general meeting held on 18-9-2016. The company has founded by Mohan Prabakaran who has been the CEO of the company since its founding date initiated the meeting by announcing the company’s remarkable rapid growth on the competitive travel booking industry.

All of their investors and business thought leaders has participated in the event. The company has started as bus booking platform and has been expanding their service all over India by increasing the number of bus operators and buses.

The story of origination of PUREBUS is interesting and unexpectable.

Before launching PUREBUS Mohan Prabakaranwas a leading exporter and importer in Tamilnadu. He had won many awards from Central and state govt for export. He has conducted so many export classes and had been writing his experience and instructions on his Facebook group. Due to his transparency and authenticity, a lot of people had started following him. Within six months of writing, he succeeded to grow the group members from zero to above 19000.

While working on export and import business, Mohan Prabakaran also had an eye on Indian e-commerce industry and startup trend. He had the vision of starting a tech-related startup. As an exporter, people have to make a lot of travel in that profession. Mohan also had those experience. This is where his start-up idea came from. He thought about travel-oriented start up and came up with PUREBUS idea based on online bus booking industry

He announced his idea to his group members and had asked people whoever wish to join the startup. He collected fund through his Facebook group members and started the company. There are more than 100 investors in the company who were all once the followers of the group managed by Mohan Prabakaran.

They sold their first ticket on July 6, 2015. They are getting a good response from all over India. The company CEO and thought leaders have decided to open their business branch in Cochin, Bangalore, Pune, and Gurgaon. The company has sold more than 10000 bus tickets in their last business year and now they are expecting to cross 7,00,000 tickets in upcoming years.

We are adding bus operators on our own, and we also have a plan to bring up more than 1000 bus operators from Tamil Nadu who don’t have an online presence before and depending on agencies for their sales says Mohan Prabakaran CEO of the company. He also added that they are going to release a low-cost bus which would let ordinary people who like travel in the budget to afford the luxury bus ticket booking.

Rajiv Prakasam, One of the Board directors from the company, said that they are focusing more on luxury buses and planned to launch separate portal for Volvo bus booking so that passenger can book bus tickets easily without going through the filters. However, there is a huge chance for launching those buses in the same portal. Their next target in the upcoming year is to enable the KSRTC and APSRTC bus booking on their site.

They are also looking forward to SETC buses on their site. It will enable the user to book bus ticket at low cost within site without navigating outside of the portal. They are also focusing on DTC to grab their buses into PUREBUS.

They are also moving forward to add all govt buses available in India. PUREBUS is mainly focusing on creating their own inventory with all Govt buses and private bus operators. Since it is significant work, it will take time and workforce to finish the work completely. Once they finish, they also planned to launch full-fledged white label service for bus ticket booking agents.

They are already providing white label service for companies and agencies. The company have been running on its bootstrapped fund and did not raise any fund ever since the operation.

The company has tended to solve the running out of tickets in last minute issue during the festival period by temporarily adding additional buses to ticket booking. It can be a new attempt to solve the problem and will benefit so many people who are in a rush to get back to home at the festival time.

We are creating new ideas and concepts to implement in our platform, and we like to come out of current standards of the industry. If our attempt benefits the people, it will be a win-win situation for both sides. We will crack the growth limit, and the user will have the new experience. 

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