Top Maintenance Myths Revealed – Don’t Waste Your Money, See What Local Mechanics Say

PHOENIX, AZ – 12/1/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Taking care of your car should be top of mind as winter rapidly approaches. The upcoming holiday season will have many vehicle owners stretching their budgets and needing to make tough decisions on what they can afford to have serviced and what must wait. Regular maintenance is always a wise idea, but there are a number of superfluous services that simply aren’t necessary. Fortunately, your Neighborhood Auto Repair Professionals (NARPRO) have recently revealed the top automotive maintenance myths and put together a handy list of services you should be wary of. Here’s a look at these often less-than-necessary repairs: 3,000-Mile Oil Change While it’s commonly thought that a vehicle’s oil must be changed every 3,000 miles, it’s better to follow the advice found in the owner’s manual. You’ll likely find under normal driving conditions, your vehicle can go 7,500 miles or six months between oil changes, and a shorter interval for server climates such as ours in Arizona. Chassis Lubing Some shops may suggest lubing the chassis of your vehicle. This isn’t necessary for a large majority of cars. Consult your owner’s manual if you aren’t sure whether or not your vehicle needs this service. Replacement parts may need lubrication; your professional technician will recognize them and service them with nominal investment. Filter Overload Oil, air and transmission filters will not last forever, but they will last a lot longer than every oil change. Don’t waste your money having these switched out two or more times per year, instead check your owner’s manual to see how often they should need replacement. Where you drive will affect your filters, they should be inspected every service, not replaced. Over Flushing Radiant coolant should not be flushed with every oil change, even if you are waiting the recommended 7,500 miles or six months between changes. Coolant may be good for up to 60,000 miles or five years, meaning it should not be flushed unless coolant levels are dropping at a fast rate. In that case, take a look for potential leaks and have it serviced if need be. Technicians can tell if fluid has failed, indicating it should have been replaced prior. They test some fluids, but replacement is often recommended by time and mileage. Keep your service records and provide them any time your vehicle is serviced at a different facility; returning to the same shop, they should maintain your records as well as your vehicle. Pricier Gas Just because it’s expensive does not make it better, especially if your vehicle isn’t designed for it. While mid-grade (89 octane) and premium (92-93 octane) may sound nice, they won’t provide much, if any, benefit if your car is built for regular (87 octane) fuel. If your vehicle was designed for higher octane it will be noted on or near the fuel cap as well as in the owner’s manual. If your vehicle starts making a “pinging” noise on acceleration it’s best to have your technician assess it before investing in octane. Dealership Work Perhaps the greatest maintenance myth is that a dealership must perform any services in order for the warranty on the vehicle to remain valid. This is simply untrue. As long as the maintenance detailed in the owner’s manual is performed on schedule, the work can be done at any repair shop. You can even do the work yourself, but be sure to keep accurate records regardless of who provides the service. ### Hi-Tech Car Care – Your Neighborhood Phoenix Auto Repair Shop Opened up in 1948, Hi-Tech Car Care has helped Phoenicians stay on the road through droughts, hot summers and monsoons. Managed by Jim Garnand, a native Phoenix resident, Hi-Tech Car Care is a family owned and operated auto repair shop in Phoenix, Arizona. Visit to schedule a free consultation before your next vacation. Open 7:30am – 5:30pm Monday through Friday and located at 2924 E Thomas Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85016

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