Restaurant Retrospective Prepares For 2017

Restaurant Retrospective Has Begun Syndicating Fresh New Content For The New Year

Paris, France – Globally recognized food journal and culinary review, has announced that it will be joining forces with RecipesThatTasteBomb.Com. The highly respected and totally reverent, Restaurant Retrospective, has teamed up with the fun loving, multi-cultural cooking conglomerate, Recipes That Taste Bomb to produce better and more effective content for food lovers from around the world.

Restaurant Retrospective began reviewing cuisines in August of 2007 at Nurnberg, Germany and has since grown into a multi-national food journal and award bureau. Having an origin from Germany, the review is now most widely known in France and the USA along with all the other parts of the world where food-lovers can understand the English language.

“Restaurant Retrospective is still the same wonderful food-first community that you have grown to love. With the recent rise in popularity through our website and on social media, Restaurant Retrospective has become increasingly popular with young foodies. The most seasoned foodies in the industry still understand that a Restaurant Retrospective review will always exceed expectations.” Said the Vice President of Marketing at Restaurant Retrospective. “Elite restaurants know that when a reviewer drops the double ‘R’s they are in for a treat.” He added.

Restaurant Retrospective has growing influence and popularity among millennials and young foodies. The company is most well-known for The Double R’s. The Restaurant Retrospective logo looks like two letter R’s back to back. The mirrored R’s have come to be known throughout the restaurant industry as The Double R’s. The reason the reputation of The Double R’s is so widely known is that when a Restaurant Retrospective reviewer has finished a meal, they will only leave a card face down at the end of a meal if the establishment has earned a review. The back of all of the Restaurant Retrospective business cards reveals the back to back R’s which signifies that the reviewer was pleased with their meal and that they can expect to see a review from Restaurant Retrospective in the future.

Restaurant Retrospective only reviews the best. With a reputation for elegance amongst the most refined restaurants and restauranteurs in the world, critics wonder why Restaurant Retrospective had decided to team up with Recipes That Taste Bomb Dot Com. While Recipes That Taste Bomb Dot Com’s notoriously fun nature seems to be at odds with Restaurant Retrospective’s refined tastes, Restaurant Retrospective has always maintained a position that food is fun and that food is meant to be enjoyed.

Restaurant Retrospective believes that it doesn’t matter how old or how young you are, there is always more to learn about food and the culinary arts. People often forget that the culinary arts is a form of art, and art is meant to be fun. Not everything in art is always perfect, and not everyone likes the same art, but at the end of the day, art is about passion, attention to detail, experimentations, and expressions which arouse the senses.

User reviews about RR have been phenomenal and read worldwide. “Restaurant Retrospective is fun for the young and the old, as well as the not so young and not so old, basically anybody who likes to eat. Food is fun!” said Alan Preston, a long-Time Restaurant Retrospective Reviewer. “I love going to restaurants recommended on Restaurant Retrospective that have rave reviews!” said Helene Lilholt, avid Restaurant Retrospective reader, and restauranteur.

The media had been covering RR since its launch a decade ago. It has been featured in journals, blogs and TV shows. “Restaurant Retrospective is great because it gets the word out to all the foodies in the area! (Restaurant Retrospective) Let’s you know all the fun spots to check out and what’s going on! I know I love checking out new tasty places! I can also check out great recipe ideas to try out with my friends and build some memories.” said Santos Trujillo, Host Of The Fun Tony Show.

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