Doctor\’s New Book Shares Knee Replacement Recovery Secrets With Public

More and more Americans are finding pain relief and improved mobility by having knee replacement surgery. Over 700,000 people had their knees replaced in the US last year alone. While surgical techniques have improved over the years the recovery can still be challenging.  A little bit of planning ahead of surgery can dramatically reduce pain and speed recovery. A faster recovery allows patients to get back to work, the golf course, traveling or whatever else they want to do sooner.  Dr. Cindy Romanowski, a board certified Rehabilitation Medicine physician, specializes in educating patients before their knee replacement.  She has coached thousands of patients over her more than 20 year career. This coaching before the surgery covers all aspects of how to prepare for, undergo, and recover from a knee replacement. Patients who have preoperative education have less pain, fewer complications, use less PTO time on their surgery, and spend less money on physical therapy and hospital copays than average.  She has published a book to give  patients the critical knowledge they need to accelerate their recovery from knee replacement.  Armed with the tips and techniques this book provides,  patients will avoid the common pitfalls that can slow recovery and increase pain. They will enter the surgery and recovery process with more confidence, less stress and no anxiety because they know the best path to success.  The book is available on Amazon and further details can be found here:

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