LG Introduces New Ultrafine 4K and 5K Displays

Chicago— With Apple’s thunderbolt displays out of the market, LG has decided to swoop in on the opportunity and create products for its proprietary architecture. The newest Apple MacBook Pro laptops have USB-C ports, steering away from the thunderbolt only connectivity. But, with the LG Ultrafine 4K and 5K displays, the ability to use an already existing thunderbolt-only display is doable again. These flagship monitors are also IPS displays, giving true depth of color.

With the rise in high-quality content, including 4K, 5K, and HDR, consumers are finding the need to stay on the bleeding edge becoming more pertinent. Consumers are pushed to get the newest, latest devices to keep up with the everchanging tech industry. For many though, the problem lies when invested in a branding such as Apple and then support for certain products is dropped. Many Apple devices relied on the thunderbolt port, and for those who have committed there are only certain compatible devices that are capable.

Fortunately, Ultrafine Display has stepped in and made it easier for the customer to decide what is best for them. LG has begun manufacturing their Ultrafine Monitors that will specifically suit those under the Apple branding, allowing all HD content to be consumed easily and compatibly, accommodating those with the newer USB-C connections, as well as those with thunderbolt display ports. All of this is done on a crisp IPS display, in either a 21.5-inch or 27-inch option. Unlike many vendors, Ultrafine Display aims to inform to user, giving every customer the knowledge they need to make a quality purchase on their LG monitor.

They not only describe the monitors themselves, giving you all the specifications to assess your needs, but they also ensure customer satisfaction through thorough breakdowns of the display. Listing all their pros and cons, and all its features, they aim to not keeping you in the dark on any aspect.

“For any current Mac users, we can’t recommend this display enough.”

For Apple MacBook enthusiasts, the LG monitor is an excellent choice, and through Ultrafine Display, the customer becomes more knowledgeable with their potential purchase and can better define what suits them. With thunderbolt displays on older MacBook models no longer being produced, the new LG displays bring back the support while also supporting those who have adopted the newer USB-C connections. All of this is consumed on a crisp IPS 4K or 5K monitor. Ultrafine Display aims to show users how and why the new LG monitors can integrate well into their lives. Consumers have been pleased with the honest review, leading many to purchased a new LG display through their sincere guidance.


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