New Kickstarter Campaign Launches For Bandalight, The Easy Bicycle Light!

The Bandalight is the new standard in bicycle lights. The product consists of a high quality shoulder band, including integrated led lights. 

In a few seconds the product can be worn over the shoulder and with 1 push on the button the lighting system can be activated. After usage it can be easily folded and carried along in a pocket or handbag. There are two versions, one for adults and one for children. The size can be adjusted, to create a perfect fit.

The creators BWS and Springtime also introduced other innovations which make life easier. Such as the affordable aroma shower, which produces deliciously scented mist and a foldable electric scooter. They work for big brands like Gazelle, Nike and Heineken. And now they are introducing the Bandalight, the easy bicycle light.

The product has been developed in bicycle capital of the world: Amsterdam, the Netherlands. In crowded big cities it’s always good to bring along bicycle lights. And on the country side where street lights are less available, the importance of high visibility is maybe even more important, to avoid accidents.

Bicycle light units which are currently available on the market have the disadvantages to be stolen very often, broken, or they are forgotten. The Bandalight has been designed in such a way that the product will not break, be forgotten or stolen anymore.

Major retailers have already showed great interest in this innovative bicycle light. BWS started a crowdfunding campaign (click on this link), to be able to finance and produce the first series. The next step will be, to make the product available via online marketplaces and retailers. Please support the crowdfunding project too! Thanks’ in advance.

“Bandalight: It’s Wearable Safety”. 

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