Man Stupid! – The first dual-species song about denying climate change co-written and co-produced by Koko the gorilla. 

LOS ANGELES, CA – 12/2/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — The Laurel Canyon Animal Company, a Los Angeles-based record label creates music exclusively  about, for and with animals. Their new release, MAN STUPID! is controversial, timely, relevant, and a good song — co-written and co-produced with Koko (the lowland gorilla who communicates through sign language). They began working with Koko musically in 2004. 

This year they went back into the studio to create a musical collaboration with Koko concerning the dangers of denying climate change. 85% percent of the lyrics of MAN STUPID! are Koko’s words

The Gorilla Foundation is the only organization in the world dedicated to understanding and saving the endangered Lowland Gorilla. The Laurel Canyon Animal Company is the only record label in the world dedicated to creating a bridge between animals and humans through music. Koko is the only Gorilla in the world dedicated to saving the planet. All three came together to give nature a “voice” – with common  sense.

The first time they worked with Koko was on an album called Fine Animal Gorilla —  songs created specifically for and about Koko. Each song is based on something that’s a significant part of Koko’s life. Every song was vetted and approved by Koko. Performances and lyrics were changed based on Koko’s wishes after she listened to each track. They spent months researching Koko’s history to make sure each song was based on something that was a significant part of Koko’s life.

MAN STUPID! is being released on a “Special Edition” of Fine  Animal Gorilla and is also the first song of an environmental album called Voice of Nature. It is the first dual-species album ever made — with Koko participating as both a co-writer and producer.

We feel Koko’s two word message chiding us to“wise up” cuts to the chase regarding human’s attitude towards climate change. We think everyone should hear/see it.

Man Stupid! was created to help the Gorilla Foundation raise funds and awareness re endangered lowland gorillas — and now, with MAN STUPID! the danger of ignoring climate change. 

The Gorilla Foundation receives 50% of the net profit of every sale. 25% of all our other digital product sales are now donated to organizations that educate people about the danger of denying climate change.

I’d be happy to send a review copy of MAN STUPID! or answer any questions you may have. 

Thank you for your time and consideration.
Skip Haynes

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