Surpasses 250k in Total Sales as Shopping Season Begins

You might not think that much changes year to year in the world of exercise equipment, but for one firm it’s been a monster year. is now reporting that it has surpassed 250k in total sales this year, even before the season’s holiday shopping bonanza gets underway. is riding on the back of the increasing popularity of kettlebells – the freeweights where the handle is placed above the weight, just as it is in a conventional kettle. Fitness experts around the world have been raving about these weights since they made their first big splash on the fitness scene over a decade ago. It’s only now that regular gym goers and fitness fanatics are realising how beneficial they can be.

The Benefits Of Kettlebells

One of the main benefits of kettlebells, and one of the reasons why they’re selling so well, is the fact that that they make resistance exercise more dynamic. Lifters often neglect to perform swinging motions when using regular barbells and dumbbells, because of the fact that it is physically awkward, if not downright dangerous, to do so. The kettlebell, therefore, opens up a whole new range of motion, not limited to static isolation movements. In effect, kettlebells allow trainers to move in a more natural way when exercising, tracking closely to their natural, biomechanical movements. Reviews

For those wanting to find out more about the humble kettlebell, is currently running reviews on some of the biggest brands in the industry. Each kettlebell is reviewed on the firm’s website, including information on the color, weight, handle and other aspects of their use. It’s an excellent resource for those new to kettlebells or those wanting to buy one of these weights for somebody else.

Take CAP Barbell kettlebells, for instance. highlights the fact that this company sells a range of lightweight kettlebells ideal for children. It’s kettlebells are constructed from a cement core, with a vinyl coating on the outside. Other companies, like CFF, make their kettlebells to be exactly the same shape and size, no matter what the weight. According to the review, kettlebells made by this company are nearly indestructible and, as a result, don’t rust or corrode following use.

It should be pointed out that doesn’t just review kettlebell brands, it reviews individual kettlebell weights too, providing interested consumers with an unparalleled level of detail on the subject. Visitors to the site will find a mix of explainer videos, as well as embedded content generated by the community.

About Kettlebells

There’s a reason why we’re seeing such a dramatic explosion in the popularity of kettlebells, and why is generating so many sales: kettlebells are convenient. Unlike most heavy and hard to move forms of exercise equipment, kettlebells can be used at a person’s convenience. They were created with the consumer in mind and are highly effective at helping people quickly attain their fitness goals.

At the end of the reviews on the website, you’ll find links to sites like Amazon, where you can buy any of the kettlebells discussed.

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