Airwheel Smart quality electric bikes: out of feelings or a basic need

How do you think of buying an intelligent electric vehicle out of feelings or a basic need? Now the editor will talk about this systematically and hope it can bring riders some useful information.

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For long-distance journey, people can drive a car; for shuttling in a city, people can take bus or subway; for a very short distance, walking is suitable. There are the current travelling means, but why you need to use an intelligent electric vehicle? Is it a pursuit of love for this new vehicle or a must for daily commute? It is believed that most of users have such doubts. Now this article will help you fix it.

Airwheel intelligent electric vehicles

A bike that can be put into a backpack seems to be extremely convenient. E3 foldable e bike is such a tool. The backpack is specially customized so E3 can be finely packed into the backpack after folding and meanwhile riders can have choices for shouldering, lifting or pulling it. The good point of this design is to realize seamless connection between E3 and public transportation tools for ease of making reasonable route for a journey.

E6 foldable electric bike

Except the portability, most of the intelligent vehicles under Airwheel are cleverish. For instance, E6 foldable electric bike is only 950mm×465mm×160mm after folding the main body, seat, pedals and control lever and weighs just 12.6kg so it can be easily taken into buses or subways or car trunk. The 8-inch wheels with special skidding-proof treatment is suitable for city roads.

electric assist bike

Certainly, R5 Smart E Bike, the newest product, is a transportation tool made by Airwheel connecting the current science and technology. This new arrival can give users a fantastic riding experience. It has three riding modes for choices. Under pure man-power mode, it is same to the traditional bike and regular riding will be a way of exercise; under pure electric riding mode, riders do not need any energy and the wheel hub motor can ensure the smooth and continuous travelling; sure, riders also can choose the electricity assist mode which are more flexible.

Now what do you think of Airwheel intelligent electric vehicles? Having one of them can’t make you feel like flying but indeed saves time and energy. In a word, riding such electric assist bike is a basic need.

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