Airwheel C5 smart sport helmet with camera is in great demand when travel

Most of us are familiar with helmet since it is a security equipment that can effectively protect head from striking. However, the smart helmet in great demand currently can do more than the common helmet. Next will name the functions of Airwheel C5 smart helmet.

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For riding, helmet is some kind of necessary equipment for everybody because it can well protect users’ head from damage. In terms of the smart helmet C5 released by Airwheel, it can satisfy more than that.

C5 intelligent helmet

What can this smart helmet do on earth?

A. Daily riding or commuting. Inevitably, this is the common function. It adopts the polycarbonate for its shell, EPS for its lining so C5 intelligent helmet is qualified in protecting head. Just for this point, C5 is not only for players’ riding but also can be used for daily commute for common users. 

C5 Bluetooth helmet

B. Answering phone calls. C5 is integrated with Bluetooth headset and microphone. When you have phone calls come in, you can talk with the other side on the phone by only pushing the answering button. This function is mainly used in your halfway of riding so as to pick up phone conveniently and safely.

Airwheel C5 color intelligent helmet

C. Playing music. With the inside Bluetooth modular, users can connect C5 helmet heads up display to the phone and play music stored in phone. The high tune quality loudspeaker box can bring excellent listening experience to its users. Besides, it is also safe to listen music during riding since it won’t be affected by exterior noise.

D. Shooting. Equipped with high definition sports camera, C5 Bluetooth helmet is capable of taking pictures or videos. The helmet supports a maximum memory of 128GB and can shoot continuously for nearly three hours. Meanwhile, users can share the videos or photos with others through the app and the Wi-Fi transmit module.

Who can wear C5 helmet?

• Deliveryman

Airwheel C5 color intelligent helmet can provide powerful evidence via the video shooting function for deliverymen when meeting with accidents or disputes.

• Skateboard players

By wearing C5 intelligent helmet for road safety, skateboard players can have the wonderful moments permanently through the record and can effectively protect their head.

• Extreme sports enthusiasms

C5 can also be applied in climbing, cross-country activities or other Extreme sports for keeping everything recorded.

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