Enjoy a leisure trip with one of Airwheel Intelligent folding electric bikes

What kind of equipment is much better for leisure travelling, such as daily travelling, commuting or weekends travelling? Bicycles are always practical and suitable. Two representatives of mini electric bikes under Airwheel will be introduced for you.

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Once referring to bicycles, perhaps most people will associate it with those professional riders who are strong and vigorous. As a matter of fact, riders who prefer leisure riding are steadily on the increase as the living standard and consciousness is going up high unceasingly. So there is hope of becoming the mainstream.

Airwheel R5

Since its establishment, Airwheel has dealt with people on the city traveling and its products have left us reliable, safety and convenient impression. Now you will see how Airwheel connects its folding e bikes with the latest science and technology so as to reach up to the demand of people’s leisure riding, such as daily trip, commute or weekend riding.

Airwheel E6 folding electric bike is featured for city commuting. The main frame, made of aluminum with high strength and light weight, is designed to be collapsible. Only weighing 14.15kg, E6 can be folded within several seconds when users have good command of operating. For this reason, it can help people to make the route get optimized by connecting public transportation tools. Sure, the reason for choosing E6 also depends on the comfortable riding designs. The saddle seems more reasonable with the left-right parts; the 8-inch tyres, not large enough, still can cope with most of the road conditions; multiple shock-absorption system ensures its steady and smooth moving.

Airwheel E6

Airwheel R5 electric moped bike is some kind of well-rounded vehicle. Coupled with wheel hub, it retains the chain gear of traditional bicycles. So naturally riders can have three modes: fitness mode, electric mode and semi-electric mode. The fitness mode is same to common bicycle and riding under this mode is helpful for strengthening body; electric mode, driven completely by power, can save much energy of riders to leave more time to enjoy; semi-electric mode is comparatively flexible and warmly welcomed since it is installed with sensor technology. Through the automatic induction on the force of foot, it can output suitable force to assist riding.

Portable, comfortable and fashionable, Airwheel E6 Smart E Bike and R5 are just what you need for leisure travelling.

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