A new way to play intelligent Folding ebikes with wearing Airwheel C5 sport helmet with camera

Intelligent products differ in shapes but still have some common places after all. Depending on Bluetooth or wireless and reflected via the application of multiple intelligent technology is the basis that these products exist. Airwheel E6 smart e bike, together with C5 intelligent, will get you surprised.

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Airwheel has kept good performance in the intelligent vehicles circle. In recent years, all kinds of intelligent devices spring into the market. To get to a certain level is not easy with the fast development of intelligent travelling. Airwheel released smart e bike E6 which gives users a superior feeling.

In those times without foldable bicycles, people still insist that quickness and labor-saving are two main factor for going out. However, people do not realize the coexist of portability and environmental protection until Airwheel E6 comes out. Simple X profile, together with the left-right designed seat, foldable pedals and replaceable battery packs, make E6 perfect. Only weighing 14.15kg, E6 folding e bike is easy to be moved and carried. Thanks to the special folding design, it can be folded in few seconds by sliding the component in the middle of the body. In this way, even a small corner can hold it.

E6 folding e bike

When you have a brainstorm for keeping the beautiful moment during riding, you can try Airwheel C5 smart helmet and you will feel different in the riding process. The exclusive 2K resolution ratio and anti-shake camera equipped on C5 helmet can work for almost three hours of continuous shooting. This helmet supports a maximum of memory of 128G and these configuration gives unlimited pleasure for riders.

Airwheel C5 smart helmet

Foldable electric bike E6 can obtain sensitive and convenient operating experience by EBS vehicle control system; C5 helmet heads up display can take pictures or videos, playing music and answering phone calls. Combining these two intelligent devices, users can raise the riding efficiency and introduce a new way to touch nature and appreciate the beauty of life.

While if you’d like to share your riding experience, through the Wi-Fi modular connected to the helmet, you can forward the images or videos that you think interesting into the social media platforms. All in all, riding E6 Smart E Bike and wearing C5 intelligent helmet will let you get more and feel more.

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