Trunk Of Man Introduces The Manliest Subscription Box Ever

December 5, 2016: TRUNK of MAN has announced that it will be introducing the first membership subscription service curated for the manliest man. The Trunk of Man describes the “manliest man” as: Sweaty. Tough. Honest. Caring. Brave. Loyal. The company has created an amazing platform for the American male that has everything for men in one box.

With the online subscription services predominantly focused on the female demographic, this service fulfills a need by men who were craving some serious attention. Knives, watches, clothing, cigars, beard oil, razors and survival gears are just some of the many products available in the subscription box; acutely defining masculinity.

Manly shopping is something that can be unanimously loved by all men and having a unique membership box to shop online is a basic need of the 21​st century man. Providing manly products as well as raising awareness to the masculine man’s needs are the primary mission of the company, and it is now getting nationwide recognition as the ‘manliest subscription box ever in history!” User reviews and comments on TRUNK OF MAN’s social media pages are overwhelmingly positive.

“TRUNK of MAN is a membership subscription service for the men of today that harkens back to the men of yesterday. Your membership box will be stocked full of rad shit that we hand select every month. Products will range from grooming to survival,” says the homepage of TRUNK of MAN’s website. 

Recently, TRUNK of MAN has released some cool winter products for the holiday season that men can use or even gift to their fellow men. First month membership is offered at an introductory rate of $5, and each month the company randomly chooses a member that is rewarded a FREE gift for the coming month. TRUNK of MAN is the only platform that literally has everything a man needs.

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