TripGig launches travel blog for young moms and women

Lots of tips and advice on backpacking, destinations, travel clothing and gears for low-key travelers

Today, TripGig announced the launch of their travel blog targeted at young moms and women who want to see the world. The blog provides information on popular destinations around the world, packing tips and tricks, backpacking, and travel gear. They also provide information on weather, lifestyle and seasons, as well as critical knowledge about studying abroad, teaching abroad, and a weekend away. Readers can get all these juicy details free via their website at  

“Most people who have a bad experience traveling to other countries is primarily because of their lack of knowledge. We want to help people know before they go. We provide tips and tricks that will not only help you easily blend in with the locals but open doors and opportunities for you. We also help people travel smart, so they pack only those things they need,” said Neha Goel, author. is the ideal website to visit before traveling. Readers can find also find facts about lifestyle, cuisine, seasons, weather and side attractions to countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America and the South Pacific. They also provide advice on packing lists for young moms and women, with essential backpacking and vacation checklists for any countries of destination. There are also interesting details on travel clothing – what to wear and not to wear, travel beauty tips and travel gears needed.

“Traveling to Africa for business was important for me, but since it was the first time I had a lot of worries. Reading TripGig helped me separate facts from fiction and prepared me towards having an enjoyable, rewarding and exciting trip. It was just what I need at that moment. Thanks for the selfless work,” said Tanya P, a regular reader. is focused on helping women and young moms look good while traveling. Readers also get good advice on what to do when traveling with a baby or child. Readers get all the information they need before traveling abroad for leisure, education, and business.

About TripGig
TripGig is a travel blog that provides travel tips for women and young moms. They offer free and useful information based on personal experiences, which helps women look good on their trip, care for babies and kids, and pack the right items and gear for their journey. For more information, please contact 9899977621,,

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