Wesley Learns: Teaching Children Investing and Financial Literacy

Books, Cartoons, app, videos and Merchandize to Teach Kids about the Power of Investing

“Also in March 2017, the next book ‘Wesley Learns about Credit’ will be published on Amazon Barnes & Noble iTunes books a million and more in hardcover paperback e-book and audio versions.”

United States – December 5, 2016: The creator of Award-Winning book titled ‘Wesley Learns to Invest’ has introduced an amazing cartoon series to teach kinds about the power of investment. Mr. Prince Dykes has previously written the popular book ‘Wesley Learns to Invest’ that gained international popularity among parents and kids.

Mr. Dykes has been an active duty US Navy for 14 years now and was introduced into finance serving as a logistics specialist on submarines. In 2011, his wife Yolanda Dykes gave birth to their adorable son Wesley Dykes. Wesley is five now and knows about investment more than most adults. Mr. Dykes began making YouTube videos with Wesley in 2013 when he was only two. Since then, the father-son duo has gained international recognition and popularity.

The award-winning book by Mr. Dykes titled, ‘Wesley Learns to Invest’ was published in 2015. It is the world’s first investment book for children and is currently being taught in 5 public schools and is available at 2 public libraries and is popular in eight different countries. These countries include Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Philippines, South Africa, United Kingdom and United States.

 “Our Son and star of the brand was diagnosed with autism in 2015. In 2016 we did a spin off from the book and created a financial education cartoon Wesley Learns and the worlds first capital venture app IABOH.” Said Mr. Dykes, Father of Wesley and Author of the Book. The cartoon and book series educates kids and parents about the power in investing money. “Then we went on to launch the workshop Invest with Wes which is his loved by kids, parents and teachers.” He added. Wesley Learns was also a finalist to be featured on Season 7 of ABC hit the popular TV series ‘Shark Tank’. In addition, he has created a wide range of merchandise for children.


About The Author

Prince Dykes was born in Augusta, GA and raised in Waynesboro, GA. He currently lives in Hawaii with his wife of 7 years Yolanda Dykes and their 5-year-old son Wesley Dykes.  He grew up with little knowledge of finances but was introduced to finances while serving as a logistics specialist on submarines in the US Navy. 

His interest in the subject compelled Prince to go on and study to gain an Associate, Bachelor’s and Master’s in Business Administration, while still serving.  He then went on to earn his Series 65, Series 63 and insurance licenses.

Seeing that there was a gap in the market, Prince decided to innovate the industry by taking the complex world of finance and breaking it down, making it easier for kids and ordinary people to understand.

In 2013 he founded Royal Financial Investment Group and the highly successful YouTube channel,  The Investor Channel”.  The purpose of this was to reach out through Social Media, to educate a whole new generation of adults and children about finances.

Since then, armed with his new mission to educate youngsters about finance, Prince worked with his son, Wesley and published “Wesley Learns to Invest” in 2015.  This is the first investment book aimed at children and the world’s first venture capitalist app IABOH.  In 2016 Prince became Executive Producer of the cartoon series, Wesley Learns” and the podcast The Investor Show,” adding to the worldwide appeal for financial literacy.

Prince Dykes now has over 38,000 Social Media followers and his books, cartoon and app continue to set the standard for children everywhere, who want to learn a little bit more about finances.

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