Relative Finder Going Social with BragShare

PROVO, UTAH – 06 Dec, 2016 – is pleased to announce their partnership with Relative Finder is a tool that accesses’s massive genealogical database to help individuals find what famous people they are related to, along with how they are related to others. You can then share that data and other additional life info to BragShare with the share button provided.

Tom Sederberg, Founder of Relative Finder, is excited about the relationship with BragShare. “The BragShare team has a clear vision on how to bring to life not only genealogical information but personal stories.”

About BragShare:

Imagine a social media site where you could create your own three-dimensional profile—sketching out who you are, where you came from, what you hope to become in the future. A place where you can define yourself not just by your career, but as a parent, a spouse, a sibling, a son or daughter, a friend, and a coworker, as well as someone who is passionate, say, about basketball or basket weaving. And you can share it with a select audience or the entire world. Now suppose this site were organized so that you could discover as much about other people as yourself—about those who are famous, along with those you’ve never heard of. An online community where everyone is someone.

That site now exists and it’s called Bragshare. Recently launched by Salt Lake City-area co-founders Chad Gundry and Daniel Coburn, Bragshare isn’t designed to overthrow Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram; it’s intended to augment them. “It’s a place where all the things that matter most in a person’s life—posts, pictures, videos—can be captured, displayed, and organized in ways they’ve never been before,” says Gundry, who has labored for six years to realize his idea. “These are all the passions, motivations, thoughts, and events that make me who I am.”

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