MAME Nucleus & Dual arcade tables – Retro gaming made easy

If you’re looking for a cool gadget this Christmas, Surface Tension’s new MAME arcade tables might be just what you’ve been looking for. These tables double up as coffee tables turning this staple of household furniture into something that is both beautiful and fun.

Surface Tension says that its coffee tables offer a hands-on audiovisual experience. They’re built with real solid wood frames. And customers can choose from walnut, oak, and birch ply, all assembled in-house by the company’s cabinet maker. The idea here is to allow adults to relive their youth, playing all their favorite arcade and indie titles from their living room. The coffee tables come with pull-out sections containing traditional arcade joystick and pad for a retro feel.

Two Tables: The Dual And The Nucleus

Surface Tension builds two types of arcade machine: the Dual, and the Nucleus. The Dual is designed to be plug-and-play, coming with over 60 unique games. Buyers can either play solo or against somebody else across the coffee table using its flip screen. The table comes with two controllers for one-on-one arcade battles. And there is support for between four and eight players, depending on the game.

The Nucleus is their multi-functional table. It comes with more than 100 games already installed, plus two sets of classic arcade buttons. Both tables have their own in-built sound system, meaning users can experience all the sounds of their youth.

What’s cool about Surface Tension Arcade game tables is the fact that they are MAME compatible. This means that players can install their own games as and when they wish. What’s more, the process is relatively straightforward, thanks to the GameEx front-end. This system makes it easier for users to add their own old games from a range of traditional platforms.

Use Windows, Right From Your Coffee Table

It should be pointed out that these arcade tables aren’t mere arcade emulators. They’re fully-fledged PC systems in their own right. With the right setup, you can run Windows 10 through your Dual or your Nucleus and do things like browse the web and do work. As a result, these tables offer a lot of versatility. The control pad itself doubles up as the mouse, and there’s a drawer on the side of the table that houses the keyboard.

This means that the Dual and the Nucleus aren’t just arcade machines, disguised as coffee tables. They’re also capable of being an entertainment hub, right in the middle of the living room. Because the tables run a real operating system, users can use all of their regular desktop and mobile services. This means that you can do things like stream music using Spotify and iTunes directly from the table. The tables also come with USB 3 and HDMI connectivity. This means that you can connect to third-party services like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Cool Gadget For Christmas

Many people have now got their eye on these tables in the run up to Christmas. Regular arcade, systems are usually ugly and not the sort of thing you want adorning your home. But Surface Tension’s tables aren’t. They blend in quite naturally, even if you’re trying to give off the impression you’re all grown up. You can find out more on the company’s website.


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