Irina Jodzio Therapy Emerging as a Leading Therapist in Southern California CORRECTED

Manhattan Beach, CA— Irina Jodzio, MFTI is a Southern Californian therapist that continues to help citizens of the South Bay and Los Angeles area, specializing her work in adolescents and young adults. Jodzio is trained in various areas of therapy, being supervised by Dr. Sean O’Hara, Dr. Martha Koo and Dr. Allen Berger, actively pursing her licensure. Qualified and professional, she works with people experiencing various issues, like relationship counseling, adolescent and young adult therapy, and substance abuse.

Acknowledging the trials and hardships that many people face, Jodzio concentrates on a select sector of individuals that may need help dealing with their mental health. For all her clients, she claims to create an environment that builds them up, all while giving them an arena to explore their feelings, thoughts, habits, and behavior. While everyone is going to have different issues, the main goal for every person is to recognize, comprehend, and work through what is ailing their daily lives the most. Claiming to rely on individual’s insights and personal awareness, she aims to help people learn more about their inner strengths, with the hopes they can make proactive changes in their lives to stimulate positive changes.

Of the counseling she offers, Jodzio works with people that are suffering from addiction, adolescents and young adults, and couples. She helps patients suffering from addiction develop their stability off substances while enhancing their coping skills. She also works with young people through the struggles they are experiencing in focused therapy to build their communication skills and familial relationships. Finally, she does relationship counseling, helping couples grow closer by rejuvenating and restoring their relationship.

Seemingly committed to making a stamp on the people she encounters, Jodzio claims on her site that, “My goal is to help you make changes in your life where you are always seeking greater satisfaction.” She also goes on to say how she understands the weight of participating in therapy and that doing so translates to a lot of investments emotionally and financially, ultimately showcasing her professionalism and highlighting her devotion to the success of her patients.

With such a dedication and commitment to aid her patients and the various fields she covers, it is no surprise that Irina Jodzio, MFTI is surfacing as a leading therapist in the Southern California area. As she continues to reach more people and positively influence their lives, those that seek her out seem to reap the benefits of a committed professional.

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