Classic dart game redefined for 21st Century fun coming soon this Christmas

7-year-old kid Judah Adams is soon to launch his own Fun Adams Magnetic Dartboard on Amazon which has been redesigned with modern age safety and precision and assures a better experience than other dartboards.

NY, December 6, 2016: Toys are the best when they are designed by kids; after all it’s the kiddos who are going to have the most fun with them. With that spirit alive, master Judah Adams is soon to launch his own dart game Fun Adams Magnetic Dartboard on Amazon to make Christmas more playful for his fellow dart friends all around. The 7-year-old little genius has redesigned the classic dart game with 21st Century safety and precision for a more engaging experience.


Already approved by Judah’s friends, the new-age dart game is confident to impress other kids as well.

“We are excited to announce that our little star Judah is soon to launch his own dart game for all the fellow dart lovers out there. It’s his product which has redefined the dear-old dart game with cutting edge modern safety and precision to make it more convenient for 21st century kids. We have strategically got aerodynamic balanced dart-fins which can hit the bull’s eye everytime & stick right to your board and not the walls, something which is not so viable with other dart game sets in the market. Courtesy its premium design, you won’t find our magnetic darts falling off or rolling over or gravitating towards one another or sliding around. Judah and his friends love playing with it so thought to make it available for everyone”, smiled Matt and Jo Adams, the proud parents of Judah who are helping the promising kid to succeed in his first business venture.



The Fun Adams Magnetic Dartboard is a comprehensive set including a 16” Dart Board, 6 darts, 2 wall Hooks, as well as game instructions & alternate gaming ideas.

With roots dating back to medieval times, dart games rose to prominence in 1800s and they were popular in the Victorian English pubs. Gradually, their engaging nature got them embraced in homes and are loved by kids and adults alike. Added to amazing fun, the dart games ensure a solid practice of hand-eye coordination & improvement of concentration levels. Speculations are rife on darts to be added to 2024 Olympic roster.



“We promise you endless hours of fun with our Fun Adams state of the art dart game which will take your dart experience to a whole new level. It’s simple to set up and you can start on with your game straight away. With Christmas round the corner, Judah’s breakthrough dart board would mean a nice holiday present for the little munchkins in your family. It will mean a great lot of sweet moments for them and would also help in boosting their hand-eye coordination. You can even gift it to the adults who love hitting targets.”

The Fun Adams Magnetic Dartboard can be played solo or in a team as well.

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