creates evacuation plans and offers free diagnosis of current evacuation plans

06.12.2016 – At the recent press meet held this week, the spokesperson of announced that they are experts in creating and designing evacuation plan of commercial buildings, hotels and offices. They specialize in selling precise and accurate evacuation plans of varied types and make sure the old standards such as NF ISO 6790 and NF S 60-303 are replaced with the latest June 2013 NF X 08-070 standard.

The people of France are required to check their evacuation plans each year, as the regulations tend to change periodically and needs to be updated regularly with the latest standards. While referring to the website link at, one would be able to know that it is very easy for them to get free offer without any commitment. The people can just send the evacuation plan at the site of evacuation plan by attaching it with the form provided and the result of the diagnosis of the evacuation plan would reach them in just 48 hours time. People can send the plans of their present location or take its photograph and then send it through their smartphone to get a comprehensive evacuation plan created in a short period. With this free service, French people can get their security plans checked at least once a year, to stay protected from fire accident or other such critical situations.

During a fire accident situation, it is important for the building owner or home owner to have technical plans, evacuation plans, contingency plans and other such documents ready to assure better intervention. However, such documents must adhere to the latest safety standards, specifically NF X 08-070 safety instructions and information. It is a requirement for the people of France to have current evacuation plans with principles of design to meet the fire safety precautions for offices, hotels or other commercial buildings. Such informative plans can help both the public and the rescue personnel for evacuation during a fire incident. The evacuation plans offered by the experts at are offered with high clarity and are quite easy to read. They verify each plan of a building to check whether it needs an improvement to make it an updated one.

About The website of specializes in verification, creation and designing of evacuation fire plans to ensure that old standards such as NF ISO 6790 and NF S 60-303 are replaced with the latest NF X 08-070 standard of June 2013. 

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