Movie Box is the leading mobile movie streaming app for Apple and Android devices.

Miami, FL— As one of the best free movie apps on iOS and Android, Movie Box stands above its competitors for all streaming services offered. Unlike most movie streaming providers, they give their customers the option to view movies offline as well as online. In clear high definition, movies are pushed straight to any mobile device, tablet or phone, enabling any user to enjoy their favorite film easily, for free.

In today’s oversaturated online market, it’s difficult to determine what is the best available app for all things streaming. Apple and Android app stores offer customers many options, but most the applicable apps don’t offer their services with consistency and quality. The bulk of the apps out there don’t give their user base the choice to watch their favorite pastime shows and movies without an internet connection, taking away from the main convenience factor of on-the-go. Without providing all avenues of convenience to customers, these apps only sever themselves from a large amount of potential users who would utilize their services.

This issue of oversaturation without any clear dominance in features only confuses customers further. But, unlike many companies out there they seek to address many of the problems in one inclusive app. Though, available outside the typical app store, once installation has been completed, the features offered are as plentiful as the top grossing competitor, but without the drawbacks. They make positive to include all the favorites in movies, to television, and even ensure they are accessible offline from local storage when streaming is unavailable.

Covering all avenues, they establish their authority as a leading competitor with high definition television and movies at the convenience of any mobile device on the latest Android and iOS platforms. Exclusive films are also readily available, and they offer it up as a free service, allowing users to enjoy their favorite entertainment unimpeded from anywhere.

“MovieBox is a completely free application that is available for iOS and Android devices. You can not only watch your favorite movie content in High Definition Quality, but also get them downloaded into your device — for offline access,” said a company spokesperson.

The website,, strives to accomplish what the competition will not, by not excluding various conveniences, because for them it’s all about the user base and fulfilling their desires for endless entertainment. This conscious effort saves customers countless hours fiddling with finding the best mobile streaming service, allowing them to sit back and relax with all the necessary features to allow unlimited immersion into entertainment. It’s this attitude that has brought people back to use their services and continues to attract new users through recommendations.

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