Hosting Foundry, a guide to web hosting, soon to go live

Australia — Thanks to technological advances which seem to befall us every day in our ever-connected and adapting world, every business or organization in existence needs a website. It’s no longer optional or preferred, but absolutely required. Due to the necessitation of such services, many business owners are on the prowl for the best web hosting site available. Finally, to help individuals with the process, we have Hosting Foundry.

The rise of the independent website has become evident to people in every market- especially those in web design and development. Unfortunately, such a huge and sudden increase of interests in such markets has allowed many people to take advantage of small-business owners and even enthusiasts of a field which hope to share their hobbies online. It can be difficult to know who to trust, and beyond that is trustworthy to determine whose services are adequate, which is why Hosting Foundry is determined to find users the best web hosts available.

Hosting Foundry intends to bypass such problems through one simple principle: experience. Though the startup team is small, they have combined resources which leave them well-prepared to begin analysing and ranking services on their mission to find the very best Australian web hosting company in existence. Thanks to their time in the field utilising similar applications, the Hosting Foundry team is even able to tell users what a fair price is for specific capabilities and models.

When asked about their confidence in their coming website, a representative for the company explained their ethos. “From regular downtimes to horrible loading times, bad support, overpriced services- we’ve seen it all! So, we’ve decided to make sure no one else has to go through these types of problems,” he continued. “If there’s one thing we know, it’s web hosting.”

Before the site has even officially launched, the team is showing off an in-depth understanding of the field that many prospective site-owners are completely unfamiliar with. They’ve laid out their plan for future discussion of everything from data transfer speeds (the difference between bandwidth and data transfer), the importance of a local server, to what type of storage space different types of websites will need. Although the popularity of the site remains to be seen, it seems unlikely that with the combined knowledge of the team, as well as the increasing popularity of small organizations’ sites in general, that Hosting Foundry will have any reason to take a day off anytime soon.

Contact: Jayson Davin

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