Artificial intelligence to save lives

Ali Payani, a rising star on the technology entrepreneurial scene is about to launch his new air quality measuring technology that will help save lives using artificial intelligence. His revolutionary air quality device, will allow asthma patients to prevent attacks and control the air quality around them.

In 2016 Payani graduated from the University of Wollongong with a Master’s degree in Information Technology Management. Long before his graduation Payani had already received several job offers from big IT companies, but wanting to use his skills to help others, he decided to focus on his newest project. Payani’s new company will use artificial intelligence to solve health and security issues of the modern world.

Payani is currently focusing his efforts on developing a new device, which allows ordinary people to measure the air quality around them. This will be an especially helpful tool for those who suffer from asthma as it will help them prevent attacks. Air pollution, temperature and humidity are the main asthma attacks triggers, however each patient responds to different levels of those three factors. Most devices available currently on the market do not take this into account. Payani’s device on the other hand, will allow full customization and personalization according to the specific needs of each person using it. Ali’s project will go beyond creating a simple air quality device – the main goal is to improve people’s quality of life, avoid and prevent number of asthma attacks by providing the  most accurate, useful and personalized information to each and every patient.

With air pollution worsening over the last decades, asthma has become a serious health problem – around 300 million people worldwide suffer from asthma and approximately 250,000 people die prematurely each year from it. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, each year asthma causes more than 14 million doctor visits and 439,000 hospital stays. What’s more, every day 10 Americans die from asthma. Many of these deaths are avoidable with proper treatment and care. With each asthma patient paying an average of $3,300 a year in medical expenses, the annual cost of asthma in the US reaches about 56 billion dollars.

Reducing the number of attacks would help in minimizing these costs. Each prevented attack can help save 3 billion dollars in direct costs, around 1.5 million dollars in indirect costs, and most importantly save lives and improve the quality of life of millions of people. However, in order to do this, patients need specific data to be able to prevent their attacks and Payani’s air quality device can help them with that.

According to Payani, today’s work on artificial intelligence focuses too much on making machines smarter rather than providing the right tool for ordinary people to live better, improve health and save the environment: “Technology should be able to help people. I want to use technology to provide innovative solutions to real problems that ordinary people are facing every day. I strongly believe that there is a way to do it better and I am determined to find it”.

Ali launched his first company at the age of 13 when he received his first certificate for web design and programming, and his father encouraged him to put his skills to use. However that was just a start for Payani’s passion for science, learning and developing his new ideas.

Payani’s new company in the U.S is already making an impact in the American technology circles – his revolutionary ideas met with a great interest from incubators, venture capitals and angel investors, and resulted in numerous invitations to conferences such as Persian Tech Entrepreneur – UBER in San Francisco and several talks about developing the project further in the U.S.

From a young age Payani has successfully taken part in numerous competitions including the Du Student InfoSec award, Cyber Security Awareness. He ranked second at Gitex Technology Dubai 2013 and won a 2nd place in the Gulf Programming Contest.

His passion, determination and successful participation in contests has quickly been noticed in the wider science and business circles. Shortly after receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Digital System Security, Payani was invited to be a speaker at the IBC Seminar in Dubai 2014, making him one of the youngest speakers at the conference.

About Ali Payani:

In 2013 Payani graduated from the University of Wollongong with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science in Digital Systems Security. In 2016 he received a Master’s degree in Information Technology Management from the same university. In his forward-looking thesis, Payani applied a humanistic approach to IT security – his progressive concept allowed him to show that by employing Lewin’s change model and seeing a human factor as an advantage, not a problem, it is possible to improve IT security in any organization.

He worked as a Teaching Assistant at the University of Wollongong between 2013 and 2015, as well as a Robotic Instructor at Create. In both of those roles Payani was not only teaching students to improve their programming skills but was showing them how to develop their passion for science to create real projects.

In addition to his passion for science and technology Payani has a wide range of interests, he is a self-taught pianist, and his favorite composers include Chopin and Beethoven. Ali is also a talented basketball player – he was named the captain of the Teheran basketball team and was named the Best Player in 2001. What’s more, he placed first in the Teheran Chess Championship in 2003.

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