New York, NY.December 6th 2016 – It looks like Christmas is coming early for the automotive industry as Clickable announces expanding their PPC and social media marketing services towards the automotive industry.

Clickable is widely regarded as one of the few platforms around capable of consolidating various data sources into one data intelligence, and lets a user take on actions off such intelligence that include publishing, moderating and ad buying.

With the clickable automated platform making its bow in the automotive industry dealers can have better control over their ad marketing campaigns as PPC is very crucial to any dealership. Here are a few of the benefits that make the clickable platform unique:

  • Analyze, filter, visualize, drill-downs
  • Publish to social network channels
  • Moderate comments and feedback to your social network channels
  • Create your own vertical search engine
  • Connect to all real-time bidding ad exchanges and ad platforms
  • Monetize your content with advertising feed
  • Connect to any data source and pull data into the platform
  • No more manual logging in to many different places daily
  • No more stale data from manually generated reports
  • No more manual errors from copying and pasting
  • Monitor Yelp, Facebook, Yellowpages and other reviews of all franchises in one place with no delays.
  • No more Excel clutter
  • Automate delivery of data sources and files

Those are only a few of the benefits that come as a side piece with the clickable automated PPC platform.

Senior Director of Operation Richie Bello is a name that is widely attached to the clickable automated PPC platform, he is more known as a guru in the world of internet marketing and the PPC platform is one of his numerous sales boosting inventions.


The clickable platform has been reporting numerous positive reviews from various personnel, and one from Nate Elliot, Vice President and Principal Analyst, Forrester Research said “Measuring social marketing is hard, and tracking engagement data doesn’t make that task any easier. In fact, even Facebook itself now admits that engagement doesn’t prove success. Marketing leaders must instead gauge the performance of their Facebook pages and Twitter accounts by tracking customer loyalty and lifetime value … invest in tools like sales tracking vendors, platforms that collect data into customer databases, and survey tools”

For more information and other enquiries about how to get the Clickable platform working for you visit or call 212-653-0079 .



Media Contact: Richie Bello.

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