Unicol, a company specialising in all kinds of wall mounts and TV stands, offers a highly-varied range of TV wall mounts for its customers – including the popular ‘thin’ range, especially ideal for lighter and thinner Edge Lit and Direct LED TVs.

UNITED KINGDOM, 2016 – Unicol can confidently state that it is the biggest designer of audio visual mounts and stands in the UK, and it has decades of experience under its belt. The company, which started operations as far back as 1963, has already produced a plethora of products designed to support AV equipment, and one of its most popular remains to be its varied selection of TV wall mounts.

The TV wall mount selection available at Unicol is extensive indeed. Customers can choose from a wide range of TV wall mounts, including mounts for small displays, for universal use, and its very own dedicated range, which can be specifically-designed and manufactured according to the television’s requirements. But Unicol, being a leader in wall mount design and manufacturing, has recently introduced its ‘thin’ range of TV wall mounts, which are specially-made for lighter and thinner TV displays.

As Unicol explains, “This range of TV wall mounts is available in wall, stand, or ceiling versions, tilting & non-tilting. The ceiling and trolley versions are supplied with dedicated column adapters (single column for ceiling mounting and twin for VS1000 trolley mounting).”

The ceiling mount thin range version can be tilted by 5 and 10 degrees, whilst the wall mount thin range version can either be non-tilting or tilted by 10 degrees. There is also a thin trolley version, which is available in both non-tilting and 5 and 10-degree tilts. But aside from this, Unicol is happy to introduce its fine range of Excalibur Ultra Slim Universal Wall Mounts, which are notable for being a mere 7.5 millimetres in thickness and which can fit VESA sizes ranging from 200×300 to 600×400.

Additionally, Unicol offers its highly-popular small range of TV wall mounts, which includes the slim-line TV wall mount, ideal for displays up to 21 inches, the clip-on slim-line TV wall mount, which is known for fitting most TV screens of up to 32 inches, the swivel & tilt TV wall mount, which can accommodate displays of up to 21 inches and which come in both a tilt-only version and a swivel-and-tilt version, and the lectern style TV wall mount, which can be used with touch screens and in show rooms.  

About the company: Unicol is a leading designer and manufacturer of AV mounting solutions for TVs, projectors, and large-format displays. For more information on its TV wall mount selection, visit the Unicol website. 

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