Top Massage Chairs is Reviewing the Best Options for 2017

Los Angeles, CA – Massage chairs are becoming increasingly accessible to the average consumer as the market continues to expand. What once may have been a luxury reserved for only the well-off and established, is now a product that people from many different backgrounds can afford. Of course, people still don’t want to spend their hard-earned money on anything less than the best. The website Top Massage Chairs is dedicated to helping them find the best massage chair in 2017. Whether they’re looking for a perfect gift for the holidays or finally rewarding themselves, is there to help.

For those interested in the latest and best-selling massage chairs online from the biggest names in the industry, look no further than Those interested can read their reviews on products from Inada, Panasonic, Osaki and many more. For those that feel they can’t truly know or appreciate a product until they’ve seen it in action, that’s fine, too. They have created their site to include video reviews that get up close and personal with each item in question. Reviews aside, they have all the most up-to-date prices and availability listed, which will be sure to help users spend the least amount of money on the best possible chair.

Through their site, they are also educating about the top zero gravity massage chairs available on the market. They have easy-to-read analyses of the best chairs on the market. The Osaki OS-4000, for example, is broken down by feature. Discussion of its body scan, 32 airbags, 6 programs, heat, foot massaging capabilities and three-year warranty is available for those interested and relying on To add to this example, they also cover another popular model, Panasonic’s EP-1285KL, which is another zero gravity massage chair complete with 8 programs, 14 airbags and full body massaging, the EP-1285K that is proving to be a top massage chair in 2017.

A problem many find when attempting to use similar massage chair reviewing sites, is a lack of transparency. The site could be sponsored by a specific brand or even have a goal of promoting a chair. addresses this type of suspicion head on by simply reviewing products in an unbiased and easy way for individuals who are interested. With their simple approach, they seem to be garnering plenty of attention as the go-to authority for massage chair reviews.

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