Son seeks crowdfund support at Go Fund Me to fulfill mother’s dying wish

A dutiful son has launched a crowdfunding campaign at Go Fund Me seeking support to fulfill the last wish if his dying mother who wishes to meet her grandchildren staying abroad for the first & last time.

Virginia Beach, VA, December 6, 2016: Son of a brave mother, Timothy Scott, has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign at Go Fund Me to support his mom’s dying wish. Mrs. Scott has always been a fighter with a smiling face but presently she is running out of time and has this one last wish to meet her grandkids for the first & last time.

The crowdfunding campaign is geared to raise around $5,000.

“I don’t know how to start this but I have to put this before you for the sake of my beloved mom. A great role model for her children, our mom has always taught us to never give up in the face of challenges and keep on fighting with a positive attitude. We always knew we could rush to her anytime for comfort, strength and protection whenever there is any trouble in our life. She is also an extremely doted grand mom to her grandkids and they love her too. Unfortunately, she has never met them till date. Today, she is terminally ill and her health is failing fast. But the valiant lady that my mom is, she is fighting still in the face of death. However, the doctors in her hospice center has said that she only has a few days left and her last wish is to meet her grandchildren whom she has never met before. They live in another country and it would mean a sizeable financial backup to bring them to her- thus this crowdfunding campaign. Your generous support would be much appreciated”, stated Timothy Scott while announcing the launch of his crowdfunding campaign at Go Fund Me.



Mrs. Scott has always been an inspiring figure who knew how to stand tall amidst all the hurdles thrown by life. The struggles that she had to face were more than anybody could ever imagine. Her first husband was a sick pedophile and her second husband- though he seemed normal initially, yet did not take long to show his true colors as a menacing alcoholic abuser. Still worst, she had to endure not one but as many as 9 miscarriages. However, despite all the obstacles, she raised her children single-handedly and never made them feel the absence of a father-figure and she did all these with a strong mind and smiling face. Her children and grandchildren are proud to have such a positive rock-solid mother and grandmother like her.


“They say iron fists wrapped in velvet gloves and that’s our mom for you. In spite of all her struggles with her husbands and mishaps like multiple miscarriages, amputations and ailing health- she has taught us to never-say-die and to keep on fighting with a pure heart and smiling face. Even with just a few days of her life left and her body giving out, she is holding on strong and it’s time for us to fight for her. If not enough money is raised to bring her grandchildren to her, the money will be used towards her funeral cost. Your help is much needed here to ensure the little peace that this great lady deserves in the last days of her life. Please be with us.”

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