Modi Recalls High Commissioner Canada, due to Khalistan Link

NRI’s and Indo-Canadians, complained to Prime Minister on the Influence of Khalistan Lobby on India’s High Commissioner Office in Ottawa. HCI. Vishnu Prakash was recalled back to New Delhi, despite having 2 Years left in his Term, was appointed by the UPA. Government.

Ottawa. Canada. Sharan Dhillon. High Commissioner of India Mr. Vishnu Prakash was recalled back to New Delhi, in October 2016, due to complaints against him of being in the Influence of Khalistan Lobby, in Canada, which is controlled by Pakistan ISI, Spy Agency. Capt. Amarinder Singh and Prominent Indo-Canadians, NRI’s had lodged numerous complaints against Khalistan 2020 and its operations in Canada.

After the India Surgical  Attack preparations in New Delhi on Pakistan, it was impertinent to close the loop holes created by ISI, amongst the India Non Residents in Canada and USA. HCI. Mr. Vishnu Prakash was appointed by the UPA Government Headed by former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan SIngh and has 2 Years left in his capacity as High Commissioner to Canada.

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