The Future of Investing – Crowdfunding Quality Private Real Estate Loans

Fortune Founders LLC is launching, a new, Internet-based real estate investment platform that enables both Accredited and Non-Accredited individual investors to participate in private real estate mortgage loans that have been vetted, underwritten, and funded.  These quality projects provide high-return investment opportunities that have typically been limited to banks, fund managers and professional investors. 

Benefits to Investors

Fortune Funders has developed a new standard for Internet-based investing.  After we vet, underwrite and issue a loan commitment to a project developer, our legal team and loan processors ensure that all the paperwork is in order and the title is clear and marketable before we make a secured mortgage loan.  Once the loan has closed, we post the investment opportunity on our Site for registered investors to purchase Notes, earning them annual rates that starting at 9.0% and increasing to 12% annually, increasing as the principal investment amount increases.  Fortune Funders has a team of professionals responsible for perfecting the security interest in the collateral received from the Borrower, collecting payments from the Borrower and making interest payments to Investors. 

Who Invests at Fortune Founders?

Individual investors can participate in the secured loans we make, earning high returns with as little as $4,000.  Or you can invest more at higher rates.  Who are these investors?  Anyone who wants to earn high rates of return on secured mortgage loan investments; anyone who wants to diversify their investments; anyone who does not like volatile, often weak stock returns; and anyone who wants to participate in private investment opportunities that were heretofore not available to them.

Personalized Secure Dashboard

Investors can follow the progress of their investments on their own, secure dashboard. The dashboard is where investors can follow their investment details, and manage documents until they receive their principal investment and their interest rate return. 

To learn more, contact the company via their web site at

Media Contact
Company Name: Fortune Funders LLC
Contact Person: Becky Barnes
Phone: 888-507-4777
Address:1818 Library St Suite 500
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