Why this coin is the Best Gift a Greek can receive.

DAYTONA BEACH, FL – 12/6/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — The Greek New Year’s Tradition has captivated young and old for centuries with the “Prize Inside”. Greeks around the globe will be baking the customary Vasilopita Cake intended to bring good luck.

Everyone remembers and cherishes those special family gatherings, but there is one distinct occasion that Greeks particularly look forward to celebrate.

The tradition is referred to as the cutting of the New Year’s Cake, baked with a coin inside and called the Vasilopita (Vah-see-lo-peetah) or St. Basil’s Cake marking the annual celebration in families of Orthodox Faith and very special for one lucky person at the start of each New Year.

This custom revolves around the epic story of a wealthy man in 357 AD who was known for his incredible philanthropy by distributing his fortunes among the poor and later becoming a Bishop. Saint Basil the Great, as he was later known, is credited as being the father of the modern-day Hospital and to whom the Catholic Church refers as the “Doctor” of the Church.

On New Year’s Day either as its own affair, or as a dinner dessert celebration, the entire family sits around the table as the head of the household begins the ceremonial cutting of the Vasilopita Cake. 

Children and adults alike, anxiously await as each piece of cake is cut, to see if their piece reveals the hidden Golden Coin. Tradition dictates that the person who wins the Golden Vasilopita Coin receives good fortune for the coming New Year, and the others look forward to getting their own coin next year!

With the simple hope of finding the coin, a beautiful and lasting family tradition continues.
Regardless of one’s faith, this is a joyous and heartwarming experience, considering the history of the man that brought it about, one must appreciate the tradition even more.

Father George Papadeas, the first American-born Greek Orthodox Priest in the United States, passed away at age 92 actively serving the Lord. He designed and minted the official Golden Vasilopita Coin for PatmosPress.com and was quoted as saying “My children grew up eagerly looking forward to New Year’s Day with almost the same anticipation as Christmas.” 

The story, the cake recipe, and the official Golden Vasilopita Coin is online at http://www.Vasilopita.com

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