Exodus Place Appoints Ted Nugent as Ambassador

Rock legend to collaborate with the non-profit to eliminate
veteran homelessness in Michigan

Exodus Place, a nonprofit that cares for homeless military veterans, has announced rock legend, Ted Nugent, is joining them as Ambassador. Nugent is supporting the nonprofit with the goal of making Michigan the leading state in achieving zero military veteran homelessness. The musician believes that with everyone’s support, it is achievable.

“Ted has the heart for our military and has agreed with our president, that it is time to complete this mission and give military veterans all the help they need. We are very excited about this development, and we hope that it will further push us towards our ultimate goal of eradicating military veteran homelessness in the state of Michigan,” said Robb Munger, a company representative.

Exodus Place provides more than just shelter and three hot meals a day. They help to locate, rehabilitate and develop veterans going through a difficult challenge. They also provide medical needs, clothing, personal hygiene materials and bedrooms with lamps, hangers, pillows, and dressers. The organization also provides access to education and colleges, so that veterans can acquire news skills, which will improve their chances of getting a new job and starting a new life.

Exodus Place also provides spiritual support by organizing Bible studies so veterans can assess and transform their lives. Veterans also take part in entertainment like music, comedies, and movies, and receive office supplies to get them ready for college.

“Caring people paying attention to the most important things in life will always admit that freedom is not free. Humbled by a lifetime of deep connections with US Military heroes brings home the harsh reality that our veterans have not been properly cared for and supported in far too many instances,” states Nugent.  “Exodus Place is the battlecry in Michigan to make up for this failure by ending the embarrassing scourge of homeless and needy vets. We are doing God’s work and good people will not quit until we make it right for our warriors.”

Ted Nugent is an American musician, lifelong outdoorsman, and political activist. He is committed to utilizing every resource to ensure that no veteran remains homeless in the state of Michigan.

About Exodus Place
Exodus Place is a nonprofit organization that provides help for military veterans going challenges. Over the years, they have helped hundreds of homeless military veterans obtain housing, medical care, food, and education, and inspired them to starting new and better lives. For more information, please contact www.exodusplace.org

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