Software Techniques Inc. Announces Compliance Enhancements to SoftTime Online Time and Attendance Solution

SoftTime Online updated with enhancements and compliance changes to meet new Federal standards.

December 6, 2016, 08:00 ET from Software Techniques Inc. Software Techniques Inc. develops and licenses software application platforms for human resources and public safety. The company announced today a major update for its’ top-rated SoftTime Online cloud-based time tracking program.  This update includes enhanced capabilities as well as full compliance with upcoming Federal and State Legislation, including the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) overtime rule which changes the way exempt workers are paid.  

Principal among the new enhancements is the ability to set limitations on two of the most important measured variables:  Absence Time Accrued and Absence Balances.  Administrators now have greater flexibility in establishing how attendance time is accrued over time using these caps.  Maximum limits can be placed on the amount of time that can accrue for a specific employee during a recorded year.  

Other features give employers the ability to set different regulations depending on the classification of their current employees. A layoff status can be indicated, helping staff members to quickly identify which employees are currently employed. For new employees, a probationary period can be specified that allows staff to set different regulations for a set period of time.  Minimum use values can now be set that prevents employees from requesting less time off than the specified amount.

“We are always trying to stay ahead of federal and state rules changes in the Human Resources world,” said Phil Muller, Software Techniques Founder and Chief Executive Officer. “We have an excellent track record with SoftTime Online of delivering key upgrades right on time as statutes change.”

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