Upscale Cooking Creates new Kitchen Tool for Amateur and Professional Chefs

Miamisburg, OH – Dec. 7, 2016 – Amateur and professional chefs both want the same features in a chef’s knife and Upscale Cooking marketing officer, Szaffi Forillo, announced that the company has just what the cook ordered – a newly released chef’s knife forged with a X50CrMoV15 high-carbon stainless steel blade.

A chef’s knife is an essential tool in every kitchen that performs a number of tasks efficiently. It minces herbs, cuts and carves hard vegetables with ease, and is equally effective for meat, fish and poultry. An 8-inch blade offers the greatest range in terms of versatility and enables cooks to quickly prepare any amount of food for an intimate dinner or a large dinner party with ease.

Upscale Cooking’s chef knife offers all those features, providing home and professional cooks with a blade designed for strength, balance and better control when using it. The bolstered blade provides a smooth transition between handle and blade that acts as a finger guard. The blade is slighted rounded to aid in the rocking motion that cuts and minces quickly without the knife leaving the cutting board.

The Upscale Cooking chef’s knife was crafted in response to the founder’s own need for a quality kitchen tool at an affordable price that would offer the strength and durability to withstand the many tasks it was required to perform. The result was a slim, sophisticated and stylish knife that is equally effective in home kitchens and professional venues.

A chef’s knife will typically perform approximately 95 percent of chopping and cutting tasks. It must be highly durable, resist corrosion and stains, and be easy to clean, all attributes of the company’s new knife. A quick hand wash keeps the Upscale Cooking blade clean and it comes ready to use and pre-sharpened by experienced craftsmen.

The blade is adorned with a bamboo handle that is highly resistant to staining and discoloration. The eco-friendly wood is sourced from organic and sustainable sources for an environmentally conscious solution. The low-maintenance wood resists water absorption, thereby creating conditions that are more sanitary.

The 8-inch chef’s knife by Upscale Cooking provides a cost effective kitchen tool for home cooks and professional chefs and the company is offering special holiday pricing on its newest offering through the end of 2016. Consumers can obtain the knife for just $54.99 and shoppers can take an additional 20 percent off by visiting Upscale Cooking.

About Upscale Cooking

Headquartered in Dayton, OH, Upscale Cooking has a passion for good food and the tools used in its preparation. The company specializes in high quality professional kitchen tools for both chefs and home cooks. We are a small company and sell our products online through Amazon. Our story says it best. The company maintains a presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest.

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