Super Real Business Launches New Backpack with Speaker

New York City – Nowadays, people everywhere are looking for ways to make enjoying the outdoors even more enjoyable. Some aim to cut preparation time for a nature excursion, others hope to make the most of whatever time they can spend outside, and many are just looking for the most useful and convenient tools to help them both save time and make the most of the moments their able to spend in nature. Super Real Business is now offering a product which they say is just right for this variety of people in the 2017 Rager Backpack—a backpack with speakers.

Many large companies that are based on helping their consumers enjoy the outdoors are always looking out for the next big thing. In their haste to discover what hot new fad could catch on, and taking full advantage of it when it does, many of their products can be made with shoddy craftsmanship. Since the types of products they’re making aren’t really meant to last long, you can expect them to begin to fall apart after (in some cases) only hours of usage. This leaves consumers disappointed and forced to either spend more money repairing the product, or giving up on it altogether.

Super Real Business’s speaker backpack attempts to fix those problems by combining accessible technology with a product that’s in need. Many adventurers are left wanting an easy way to carry their music around them that doesn’t call for headphones or earbuds.  In some cases, it’s better to hear the sounds around you, and in other situations you may want to be listening to music with a friend or a group of friends. Super Real Business believes that their Bluetooth-Enabled, lightweight and portable backpack with speakers meets all the requirements that a music-lover needs.

“Not only are the speakers full-range and removable, but the USB-powered internal lithium battery is capable of over 4 hours of battery life,” explained a representative of the company.  “It’s extremely spacious, it works with both the Bluetooth and a standard 3.5MM headphone jack so it’s really just right for anyone who wants to take a nice, crisp sound system with them wherever they go.”

So far, the 2017 Rager Packback is flying out of Super Real Business’s online store- their almost sold out. This backpack from the future seems to be the perfect holiday gift for music, tech, and nature-lovers alike. Though they usually go for $109.00, they’re available right now on the online store for $79.00. Time will tell if the need remains for this futuristic backpack with speakers, but if current projections are any serious indication, you’ll probably sport one yourself soon.

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