Gem perfection, a lotus in full blossom – The debut of LILIBOBO Gems

On December 6th, LILIBOBO held its grand launch at Beijing Sea Club. Guests from a variety of different sectors and from all over the world came to witness the debut of this new, iconic jewelry brand.

At the launch event, LILIBOBO showcased its leading line – “Ink &Lotus”. As part of the exquisite LILIBOBO gem range, the new “Ink &Lotus” line, which is designed by the famous jewelry designer Dai Bojun, is the perfect combination of fine, white, Hetian jade from China and vibrant, colored diamonds from the west. The range combines two rare jewels with traditional, Chinese jewelry culture and modern, Western craftsmanship. The product is a unique combination of China’s manual jade-carving process and the western enamel process. The finished piece takes a shape of lotus, with white petals, radiating stamen and vividly swimming fish diving under a lotus. It naturally transports viewers to a picturesque land equal to that of a Chinese figure painting and has won the admiration of many of the event guests.

At the same time, attending guests were able to experience the world’s first unmanned jewelry store – the LILIBOBO robot store.

As a world leading intelligent technology, the automatic robotic vendor was combined with a jewelry brand for the first time. It has attracted wide spread attention and event guests were able to be the first to try the vendor by collecting specially designed LILIBOBO souvenirs from the robotic jewelry store. They experienced first-hand the convenience and fun of the intelligent jewelry robot.

At the press conference, CARAXY Diamond Technology authorized LILIBOBO to act as the first strategic partner in China and presented 1,000 carats of cultivated colored diamonds. The enchanting color and dazzling brilliance of the colored diamonds captivated all the guests.

In an interview with the media, LILIBOBO’s founder Li Yingjie announced, “LILIBOBO is building a brand new operational mode for the jewelry sector. We value individual customers’ jewelry preferences and engage consumers with the cultural charm of jewelry”. Meanwhile, “LILIBOBO jewelry creates personal stories for our customers”.

The press conference of LILIBOBO Gems was reported by leading media including, Letv,,, Beijing Evening News,, among others.

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