LPA Announces New Release of VisiRule Expert Systems Software

LPA today announced the latest release of VisiRule, a unique graphical tool which lets lawyers, accountants, engineers and other business professional generate business-rules based applications to automate their expertise online in the form of expert systems.

VisiRule is an easy-to-use graphical tool which allows business professional to model their knowledge and deliver it in the form of expert systems on desktops, laptops and mobile devices. VisiRule allows companies to leverage their existing know-how to produce high-quality, intelligent applications for internal staff, customers and prospects.
There is no need of programmers to build and maintain business rules and decision management systems.

VisiRule charts are a unique combination decision trees and flow charts; they allow the author to capture knowledge graphically; the VisiRule charts can be shared and discussed by all stakeholders without requiring any special software, and provide an effective way of communicating and automating specialist expertise.

  • Enhanced Mobile Delivery
    VisiRule charts automatically generate an interactive questionnaire which can be customized for mobile delivery
  • Document Generation
    Document instances and reports can now be generated with the data captured within a VisiRule session using an XML template and database of text to be inserted.
  • Interactive Map of VisiRule chart
    The VisiRule chart can be displayed during the question and answer session to help guide people through the decision process
  • Increased Integration Capacity
    XML is used to extend the reach of VisiRule and allow its data and inferences to be shared with other processes

VisiRule is developed by Logic Programming Associates Ltd. LPA is a leading supplier of Artificial Intelligence and Expert System tools. Based in London, LPA was formed in 1981 has been developing and delivering AI solutions for over 30 years

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