JUPITER, FL – 12/9/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — In 2011 FOREVER BETTER GOLF INC. (FBGI) introduced its flagship product, the patented PRO-HEAD Trainer (PHT) to the US golf Market.  The product met with immediate success because it gave golfers a fixed reference point for their heads and instant feedback on any head movement during any part of their swing.  At the same time, it helped golfers maintain their spine angle.

The PHT uses the same teaching technique used by Pro Jack Grout as he corrected the “bobbing head” movement fault of young Jack Nicklaus. Grout grabbed Nicklaus’ hair, held tightly and made young Jack hit balls for three hours. Teachers and Pros refer to the PHT as a “mechanical Jack Grout.”  Martin Hall and Lou Guzzi, both former National PGA Teachers of the Year, have fully endorsed the product. “It is simple to use and it simply works for all golfers.”

FBGI completely sold out both the standard, movable PHT and the permanent Wall/Tree mount units.  Based on dramatic swing improvements and lower scores reported by customers and the Pros, FBGI decided to make the product even better. Asking for both positive and negative feedback on the size, shape, design or any aspect of the original models, FBGI was able to make significant improvements to the PHT and is now ready to launch the new and improved PRO-HEAD 2 Trainer (PH2T).

The PH2T is smaller, lighter and more user friendly.  Because of its smaller size, golfers can use it anywhere, anytime, indoors or out. Golfers can easily gain repetitions of their swing by exercising, training and swinging, with or without a club, with or without hitting balls, while keeping their heads against a fixed reference point, similar to Jack Grout’s arm and hand on Nicklaus’ hair.  Repetitions of one’s golf swing help develop that feeling of a steady head, of keeping one’s head behind the ball through the impact zone, just as every good golfer does.

The movable PH2T model and PH2T Wall model will be available around December 1, 2016 from FBGI and from their Internet Distributors.

About Our Company:  FBGI was founded in 2011 primarily to introduce its patented PRO-HEAD TRAINER to golfers in the US. Golfers from the UK, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, China and Australia bought the product and improved their swings.  FBGI will enter the global market in 2017 through the Internet Retailers as well as stocking distributors around the world.  To learn more, visit

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