LOS ANGELES, CA – DECEMBER 2016:  In a sea of cookie cutter musicians, we rarely have the ability to hear someone with a deeper vision of what a great song should sound like.  One of these musicians is Los Angeles, California’s own STRAINJ POETRY (pronounced “strange poetry”) who wears a variety of impressive hats from poet to rapper to emcee to spoken word artist to author to entertainer.  Imagine all of those wrapped up into one impressive yet very humble package of positive energy.  This combination of talents has allowed Strainj Poetry to excel his musical abilities and create songs that break the typical stereotypes of what the industry puts out today.  He takes a new level of artistry to his songwriting and it is showcased in his tracks with a level of deepness that is unparalleled when in comparison to the mainstream tracks that is out today.

Strainj Poetry’s intelligence shines through his songs as he touches on a variety of topics and subjects.  He has a special way of taking the listener on a journey through something different and outside the box.  His level of energy is something that rolls smoothly through his tracks with ease and composure.

Strainj Poetry states: “My new project the “Defeyeing Gravity” free album is going to change the energy of the music industry from celebrating materialism, violence, substance abuse and ignorance to celebrating truth, love, balance and the God within us all.” 

Strainj Poetry’s newest album DEFEYING GRAVITY takes the listener on this journey through some excellent and top notch song writing. From his deep substance filled lyrics to the actual track backing track production you see how much work has been put into the project from him. The dedication to his craft is something that his fans both old and new will enjoy with this newest release. The album is to be released on Tuesday December 13th by Strainj Poetry and will be available through major internet distribution channels, as well as a physical copy in CD format. We’d like to welcome interview, media, and booking requests for Strainj Poetry via the contact information below. Also he has a very special album release event happening on December 9th at BRUDDAH’S BAR & GRILL in Gardena, California.  We welcome any media and/or fans to come hear and feel the energy that resonates from his music for yourself on this special evening. More info available at: on Facebook Events.

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Company Name: Strainj Poetry PR
Contact Person: Strainj Poetry
Phone: (747) 477-6607
Address:1941 west 95th Los Angeles, Ca. 90047
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