ULP News TV gets ready for its official wide scale launch in early 2017

ULP News all poised for launch in 2017

Manhattan, New York— ULP News (Universal Language Productions) a media and entertainment source is all set to make its official big splash launch in early 2017. This upcoming news channel is rumored to eventually provide the gold standard of media content that will be meaningful, witty, and truly laden with information; the likes of which will help this company to compete against NBC, MSN, CBS News, etc. 

However, these plans are set for execution later in the year 2018. More details available at http://www.ulpnews.com/

For now, the diligent workforce behind ULP alongside CEO: Pierce Alexander Lilholt in all their entirety are focused on premiering a unique platform that can voice the concern of people and communities unheard of; all that to bring unbiased news to watchers and listeners from all over the world.

Ahead of its launch, ULP News TV is busy creating content that is indeed meaningful and newsworthy for the audience out there. In fact, at the official Universal Language Productions website, viewers can tune in on an existing library of media content, which focuses on bringing news from health niches, lifestyle, social events, technology and gadgets, arts and music – so on and so forth.

Pierce Alexander Lilholt, the CEO of Universal Language Productions LLC is reportedly making appearances on respected news channels, YouTube news hubs and at official ULP News social media pages to promote the channel’s upcoming launch.

In addition to its array of celebrity broadcasters and show hosts, such as but not limited to William Sheldon Martin (*Boating with Billy Show), Tony Trujillo: celebrity chef, and Addison Lilholt: media spokesperson, who also happens to have a key role in BUGYUM TV show, the news channel will air syndicated interviews and talk shows with renowned celebrities from all over the world.

About ULP (Universal Language Products LLC):

Under the tutelage of CEO Pierce Alexander Lilholt, Universal Language Productions took off as a media distribution network. Despite being a relatively newcomer in the News and TV industry, ULP aims to promote the ULP News channel that will eventually outperform ABC News, CBS, FOX and NBC in viewer ratings and positive feedback.

ULP News is working as the subdivision of the ULP Media Enterprise, a Limited Liability Corporation maintaining its pristine reputation among various communities from all areas of business and professional environments.

About Pierce Alexander Lilholt:

Pierce Alexander Lilholt is the CEO and Founder of Universal Language Productions and ULP News TV. Studied at Franklin College – Switzerland – and countless accomplishments in media and communications industry have enabled Lilholt to bring like-minded individuals from rich cultural backgrounds under one platform, i.e. ULP TV. 

Furthermore, Pierce Alexander Lilholt is a recognized artist, an impeccable piano player and creator of Lilholt Technology Solutions, a software firm specializing in information technology and software development industries.


Media Contact
Company Name: Universal Language Productions
Contact Person: Pierce Alexander Lilholt
Email: comcooperativebulp@gmail.com
Phone: +1 8565807026
Address:ULP News, P.O. Box 26, Palmyra, NJ 08065. United States of America.
Country: United States
Website: http://www.ulpnews.com/