Guiyang Block Chain Financial Transactions Summit Forum was Successfully Held

[Asia Pacific Daily] Guiyang Block Chain Financial Transactions Summit Forum was successfully held in Guiyang International Eco-Conference Center, Guanshanhu District of Guiyang at 14:00 (Beijing time) on December 9, 2016. This forum is another grand meeting of Guiyang to be engaged in block chain finance after developing Guiyang into a big-data financial city. Many authoritative guests on block chains and in financial field gathered in Guiyang, talking about the great progress of Guiyang from Internet finance and big-data finance to block chain finance. Leaders of all circles and industry experts expressed their own opinions on the forum and proposed new ideas and exerted efforts for developing new economy, new finance and new Guiyang.

Mr. Wang Yuxiang, deputy mayor of Guiyang, delivered a speech on the forum. He said that Guiyang took the lead in developing national block chain finance as a pilot city and dedicated to be a leading city in national block chain finance industry. Sci-tech concept must go ahead so as to develop innovative economy. Guiyang has implemented the concept of striving for innovation in a practical way according to local conditions, rapidly absorbed essence concept of block chain technology, enhanced efforts to develop block chain professionals and constructed a whole set of standard system of block chain. With actual practice and solid construction, Guiyang accelerated development and created all advantaged conditions for enterprises related to block chain. Mr. Wang made it clear on the forum that Guiyang government would carry out various service policies and give strong support to pioneering enterprises of block chain.


Wang Yuxiang, deputy mayor of Guiyang

Implement and develop new finance, and initiate construction of new ecology. On the forum, Ms. Wu Guixian, the chief delegate of China Education Development Foundation and the head of Guixian Special Fund for Educational Poverty Alleviation, actively responded to the call of the thirteenth five-year plan in her conversation and commended the measures for development including speeding up large finance and large poverty relief strategy. Introduction of block chain financial technology would be beneficial to the development of finance industry in Guiyang and implementation of poverty relief policy in mountainous areas. This measure has further implemented the main spirit of the sixth plenary session of the 18th CPC Central Committee and it’s also the idea of construction and development of new happy Guiyang.


Wu Guixian, the head of Guixian Special Fund for Educational Poverty Alleviation

Liu Wenxian, the chairman of Guiyang Crowdfunding Finance Exchange, said in his speech that, block chain technology was praised as the “unexpected winner” in 2016, being a new trend for all walks of life. The transformation from “internet+” to “block chain+” was not only transboundary but integration as well as a historic opportunity to drive Guiyang economy to realize a great-leap-forward development. With rapid development of internet technology, the application of block chain brought a new change to traditional financial development patterns. The chairman Liu Wenxian said that, Guiyang Crowdfunding Finance Exchange would unite with Puer Bank Groupm, a block chain financial enterprise, together to launch the first block chain digital asset trading platform in China. It provided system support for digital circulation of asset and opened a new way for the status quo of traditional payment including complicated procedure and hysteretic liquidation ability. Moreover, it realized popularization of block chain application by a simple exchanging form and speeded up realization of inclusive finance.


Liu Wenxian, the chairman of Guiyang Crowdfunding Finance Exchange

Ye Qiang, the chairman of Puer Bank Tea Industry Group Co., Ltd., made a speech titled with “How does block chain realize digital circulation of global asset”. He denoted that Puer Bank Group had always devoted itself to asset digitization and financial system construction of block chain since its establishment. And it would also try hard to make international top block chain financial network and offer help for economic development.

Ye Qiang, the chairman of Puer Bank Tea Industry Group Co., Ltd.

Guiyang, as a cluster district of national big-data industries, has gradually become a place where emerging industries are gathering, providing advantaged congenital condition for rapid development of block chain finance. Additionally, it responded to the strategic guidance of “One Belt One Road” of the central government. It has improved people’s livelihood, deepened financial innovation, popularized application of block chain by a simple exchanging form and realized the economy purpose of inclusive finance. Development of block chain finance will also become a powerful assistance to the future economy of Guiyang.

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